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Open at Level 3 for contactless drop-off and collection

The Team from Textile Cleaning Services

Mildew and mould spores have long been recognised as a serious health hazard. Protect your family’s health and have your curtains cleaned by the experts at Textile Curtain Cleaning.

We know how to remove unsightly stains, mildew and mould spores that leave your curtains and blinds looking less than their best. Because your window furnishings are valuable, and must be carefully maintained, you can trust our experienced team to professionally clean your curtains, drapes and blinds.

We are specialists in mildew and stain removal from curtains and blinds (Roman & Austrian blinds included).

Open Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm, Saturday 9am – 12pm, for Level 3. Temporary curtains available at no charge! Call us on 09 473 5350.
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require business start-up support

Cathy from Manurewa

Want to find a person who would give guidance and support to a person starting his own business in car restoration work.

1 day ago

irresponsible dog owner

Salima from Goodwood Heights

irresponsible dog owner. my friend saw a young lady running on everglade drive (near the roundabout with Eugenia drive)  with a small dog off leash. she stopped and told the lady the dog needs to be on leash, and as a dog owner, did she not know the rules. the lady said she did not know.  if the dog decided to dash across the road, or saw another dog, anything could happen. instead of restraining the dog or going home to get a  leash, the lady continued her run with the dog running along.  the lady was in her late twenty's, fair, slim and tall.  pacific islander perhaps.  if anyone sees her, she needs to be told to go home with the dog rather than put it at risk.

4 hours ago

Busting the Common myths on creating a will

Public Trust

Stewart Harvey, Principal Trustee at Public Trust Waikato, says "seizing the moment" is essential so things aren't left to chance - and it's easier than you think. Stewart had a chat with Stuff.co.nz recently, check out the article in the link below.