50 days ago

Deceased Dog

Raewyn from The Gardens

I've just come home via Redoubt Road/Hilltop Road. Looks like the dog has been hit and killed by a vehicle. He/she looks to be an adult dog (possibly a labrador) cream/gold in colour. I couldn't see very much as I was a passenger in the car.
If this is your pet you may want to go and take him home for a decent burial/creamation. I'm really sad for you if it is your dog.

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8 hours ago

Plumber Required

Graham from Weymouth

Hi team...Can anybody recommend a good affordable plumber to give me a quote on fixing my mains pressure hot water system?Been getting a steady pulsing cold water delivery for a week or so.Thanks...Graham .0226762718 267-3886.

1 day ago


Lorna from Papatoetoe

How could you do this to your 94yr old Grandmother and your 99yr old Grandfather who is recovering from Heart Surgery and still SLEEP AT NIGHT

4 days ago

Could the geat Polynesian migration turn kids on to science and tech

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Like many, Sir Ian Taylor learned only at the age of 68 about the Polynesian migrations across the Pacific Ocean. He hopes a new education website will inspire especially maori and pasifika kids they have innovation in their DNA. Did you know the stories? Read below: