51 days ago

Looking for big pieces of cardboard asap!

Cassidy from Onehunga

Hi neighbours, *still looking*
This week at my school is athletics day and part of the event is that each class needs to take place in the parade. Part of the parade needs to include a banner with our class name and theme etc. So I was wondering if anyone had any big pieces of cardboard we could use to make our banner? The sooner the better as the parade is on Friday! It would be very much appreciated, thank you.

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1 hour ago

Birthdays during lockdown

Donna-Lee Biddle Reporter from Manukau Courier

Kia ora neighbours!

Are you doing anything unique to celebrate a birthday during lockdown and wouldn't mind chatting to me about it? Or perhaps you're having a post-lockdown celebration? Feel free to message me if so, would love to hear about it.

Cheers, Donna-Lee

14 hours ago

Supermarket queues during lockdown

Donna-Lee Biddle Reporter from Manukau Courier

Some members of the community are feeling vulnerable having to join mass queues at the supermarket. What has been your supermarket experience?

19 hours ago


Luana from Mangere Bridge

Hi everyone,
I'm not sure if you've had trouble getting flour in the larger supermarkets during the lockdown like I have, but if you have, I've found some small bags at a dairy at the top of the Onehunga mall road, called "State Dairy". There might also be flour at other dairies, but this is where I found mine. Take care x