24 days ago

Chilli Sauce

Yash Neighbourly Lead from Three Kings

Hi all, i make a chilli sauce with a very inappropriate or politically correct name, and have been doing so for over 10 years.I use quite a lot of very hot chilis including Bhut jolokia, Rocotos, Thai birdseye and Carolina reaper. always made in small batches, with ZERO CHEMICALS,THICKENERS OR COLOURS. Need to store in the refrigerator, but will stay for over 6 months there. Great to eat added to some tomato sauce/mayonnaise or a little used as a marinade(very sparingly). I have 25 years of work experience as a chef, so the Food safety aspect should not be a worry. Order here or on my email chefyash@gmail.com and pick up from 3 kings, mt eden road. like i said i make in small batches only, but will make some every few days until demand dies down. I did post a few bottles to out of town folk, but that was their risk, since its got no preservatives.(All survived i can happily report) Last year we went through, about 200 odd bottles. Very small bottles, but then this little monster packs a punch, so a little goes a long way. First lot of 3 bottles will got this evening to Graeme, who bought a few last year, then will produce as per demand. 5$ only each .

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16 hours ago

Poll: Would you use free public transport in Auckland?

Neighbourly Reporter from Neighbourly.co.nz

Hi Neighbours,

Would you use public transport in Auckland if the fares were scrapped? What would make you ditch your car for the bus or train?

Check out this opinion piece on this topic here

Would you use free public transport in Auckland?
  • 79.9% Yes - I would love to use free transport
    79.9% Complete
  • 11.6% No - I prefer my car
    11.6% Complete
  • 8.5% Maybe - I'd have to think about it
    8.5% Complete
847 votes
7 hours ago

Auckland Council Careless driver damaged my rear car buffer

Kusal from Mount Roskill

Dear All,

Yesterday I came to see my parents at Melrose Road East Hillsborough and parked car outside. Today afternoon when I was came to collect blue bin I saw my car rear buffer damaged and blue bin was next to my car buffer. ( as shown in the below image.) Most probably when the blue bin collecting driver carelessly handled the process and left the bin. Even though my car is a old car I have used it carefully.
Now who will responsible for the damage?.



20 days ago

Mt Eden road/ three kings

Yash Neighbourly Lead from Three Kings

Now akin to craters of the moon in parts.Auckland Transport does not do enough to fix this, even though ive emailed and complained several times.Last year i emailed Michael wood ,Mp for the area and he followed up with AT. they said they would fix it but nothings being done.Shameful state of affairs, but they want to increase prices/rates/ bus fares for all of these things.