33 days ago

Blocked Toilet?

Kelly from Drain Ranger

Call us and we can Hydrojett those drains, clearing them of tree roots and debris.

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4 days ago

Favourite discoveries on NZ travels

Lorna Thornber Reporter from Stuff Travel

Hi everyone,
We'd be keen to hear about your discoveries on your recent travels around New Zealand. Were there any small towns, activities or attractions that surprised you, for better or for worse? Did you come across any lesser-know spots you think more Kiwis should check out? Which small towns do you think deserve more visitors than they get? Please remember your comment may be included in an article unless you state that you don't want it to be. Cheers.

1 day ago

It is time to end secrecy in council decision-making

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Auckland Council's Emergency Budget emerged into daylight after 50 hours of deliberation in confidential workshops. Should that much of the discussion be held in secret? Read the story below:

1 day ago

Being "Neighbourly"

David from Glen Eden

Being "Neighbourly" apparently means we cannot say what we think of people who deface posters, rob liquor stores and dairies and bash the owners. We must be "neighbourly" and be nice to them. Here's one such example from almost one a week.

I make no apologies for being old fashioned but personally believe in old fashioned discipline which did work. But I got told off ! So listen up people, read the rules and be PC, be "nice" everyone, be "neighbourly". But don't expect anything to change!