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2 hours ago

Swimming at the Beaches

Mariana from Kohimarama

How difficult is it to understand that swimming is NOT allowed right now. Been sitting watching the Police boat asking swimmers to return to the shore. Not 5 mins later there is another group of swimmers going in for a swim. Again the boat turns around and does the same patrol. NO ONE LISTENS. Please Kohimarama and St Heliers swimmers respect the Police and stop swimming. You are putting other people at risk.

3 hours ago

A very important Covid-19 safety message from NZ police

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi neighbours. Remember police Sergeant Guy Baldwin, who rose to fame in 2009 for his expression "always blow on the pie"?
Well he's back, this time with a message for Kiwis: Stay home and help break the chain of coronavirus.
"This thing (coronavirus) is an invisible dragon. Please, stay home. Let's break the chain and save lives. If we follow the rules, we'll end this lockdown sooner. Let's slay this dragon, and get back to doing the things we love, like eating pies."
Click the link below to watch the video.

17 minutes ago

Yoga mat

Keanu from Mission Bay

Hey neighbours! we are looking for a yoga Mat near by to borrow/buy for the remainder of the lockdown period, we would of course expect you to leave it by your door in case of picking it up, and be within walking distance. We are on Comins crescent. Thanks.