61 days ago

Last night we had an intruder in our home.

Joanne from Orakei

We were in bed at 10pm. I heard movement and saw a torch light about 10.30. I woke my partner who yelled out. The person left.
We think he came in and out the back door or he climbed a ladder that was placed outside the bedroom window.
He had been through drawers in the spare room.
Luckily nothing was stolen
The police and dog came but they didn’t catch him.
We live In Rukutai Street.
In this hot weather remember to close and lock windows and doors before u go to bed.
We may Hve left the door unlocked.
It’s a horrible feeling knowing someone is in yr house while u are sleeping.

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27 minutes ago

lawns need doing

Andrea from Mission Bay

Hello,is there someone in the vicinity of Godden Cresent that can please either loan me a electric mower(pick up on kerbside so no contact) or do my lawns,i am only wanting the back lawns mowed,no contact and will deposit some money into your bank a/c,thank you

36 minutes ago

What are the benefits of Lockdown

John from Saint Johns

Lets put a positive spin on this
1 My teenagers can not run they have to spend time with me
2 We are getting more quality time and quality food. Friday was Pizza Night here is one Prawn chicken and Bacon Pizza. Being lazy we use Wraps for the base
Sunday night was Venison Redwine Casserole we finally got around to using some of the lesser cuts. With some help from my sous chefs, we came up with a vegetable-laden creation. Still, have enough leftovers for another meal and we only used half the venison.
Anyone want the recipe sorry can't do it as it was a splash of this a dash of that and a sprinkle of this and a cup of leftover wine from Sat night date night

11 days ago

Hello Fresh Code

Claire from Meadowbank

For anyone who would like to try Hello Fresh to help them avoid the supermarkets in this crazy time I have a $50 off code for you. Enter the code HS-K4P9LCFZO and enjoy meals delivered fresh to your door. So awesome to have everything sorted without having to head to the supermarket.