19 days ago

Raw Honey

Vicky from Te Atatu South

We have a variety of raw natural honey available ranging in price from $18-$30 per kilo 

Local multiflora 
Bush honey 
Oratia Orchard 
Coastal blend (Pohutakawa/manuka)
Manuka blend

All our honey is tested for tutin and manuka levels by a Analytica laboratories.

All our hives are maintained by a registered and trained beekeeper.

Message me for more info.
Pick up Te Atatu South

Price: $18

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6 hours ago

Support for the Bus Drivers who are offering free fares till Christmas 2019.

Sue from New Lynn

I am posting to say how much I support the bus drivers who are resorting to industrial action whilst asking for better pay.
You have my total support on all this.
Shame on Auckland Transport for cancelling bus services in main routes even today 7.12.19. Your actions show to me and probably many others how obsessed and shallow you(Auckland Transport and of course the Auckland Council)are to make profit from the commuting public.
Most of us know NZ is a deliberately kept low income country but for AT and AC to deny drivers who allow the Auckland commuting public to get from A to B without paying a fare a Living Wage or an Acceptable Wage is a very poor reflection back upon the overpaid and underworked management of AT and of course AC.
And so whilst drivers allow us commuters to hop on and off the buses for free and without contributing to the obsessed with profit AT and AC then I am all for the drivers protesting.
Keep up the fantastic efforts you are doing bus drivers. You all deserve a medal for all this.
Shame on YOU AUCKLAND TRANSPORT AND AUCKLAND COUNCIL. May you reap the results of YOUR selfishness.

5 days ago

Dogs of all sizes able to travel on Auckland trains from this Sunday

Brian from New Lynn

Today's announcement is the second phase of AT's pets on trains trial, following the first phase roll out in June. While dogs no longer have to fit inside a carrier to ride the train, there are still some conditions. AT requires them to be wearing appropriate muzzles and leashes, and pets can only travel outside of peak times. Cats and other domestic animals will still have to travel in carriers. Stacey van der Putten, group manager of Metro Services says the trial has gone well. “We’ve had a great response from our customers since the trial started in June. We’ve worked closely with our staff and our operator Transdev to move into this next stage. “This is another step in making public transport more accessible. There are many Aucklanders who may not have access to a vehicle to take their pet to the vet or to explore our city, this will potentially benefit both the owners and the pets.” Councillor Cathy Casey has advocated strongly for pets on trains. “I am very pleased that now all of Auckland’s 106,000 registered dogs can travel by train no matter how big or small they are." AT’s independent survey showed that 56 per cent of people supported having pets on trains while 12 per cent were against it. This next phase of the trial will run until the end of March next year.

7 hours ago

SCAM ALERT--Vehicle owners warned of email scam with fake link to transaction site

Brian from New Lynn

Is your vehicle rego due? Make sure you are not paying a fake website as authorities warn people of the latest phishing email scam targeting vehicle owners.The NZ Transport Agency has issued an alert to all vehicle owners to keep an eye out for a scam email supposedly from NZTA giving a reminder for a vehicle licence renewal (rego). "While the email appears to be a standard vehicle licensing [rego] renewal reminder - with the NZ Transport Agency logo and links to the online transaction website - it is part of a sophisticated phishing exercise,'' the alert says. People may also be caught off guard due to the email carrying the address "nzta.co.nz" suffix. However, the official NZTA email is "nzta.govt.nz." It is not yet known whether anyone has been affected in the scam. But people who had accidentally clicked into the fake transaction website or entered their bank or credit card details are being told to call their bank immediately and possibly cancel their cards. An NZTA spokesman said they had also alerted police to the situation. Vehicle owners are being told to the details of any email carefully and to check specific details that should come with a genuine email from NZTA. "If the email was genuinely sent from the Transport Agency, it will include your specific vehicle details including your vehicle's plate number, vehicle make, the expiry date of your current vehicle licence. "If your email doesn't include your specific vehicle details, or you think there's anything suspicious or incorrect, don't complete the online renewal transaction the email links you to." Anyone who believes they may have received a fake email or would like to check that theirs is a genuine one from NZTA, is encouraged to contact 0800 108 809.