37 days ago

Beware Courier

Vadim from Howick

Here is my Horror Story of the Post.
As a matter of fact I did hear some rumour of Conspiracy Theory, but I still enjoy searching Amazon and eBay. And other marketplace like websites where you could find something that you can’t find in New Zealand.
So, I have found an item for a gift to one of my family member, bought it, paid for postage. And seller from Israel send me a tracking number. With warning that due to current circumstances it can take longer to come to New Zealand. Well, Christmas wasn’t here yet. I could wait. I was watching on courier service website how my parcel ‘left country of origin’ – ‘accepted by airline’ – arrived at ‘custom’. And one day a blinking sign of ‘last mile courier’ gave me a hope to get it in my hands so-oon.

‘Last mile courier’ was blinking, I was waiting. And one day I’ve got an email: ‘Your item delivered’. Website with tracking number also showed: ‘your order has been delivered!’.

Well, nothing was on a doorsteps. And the letterbox was empty.

I went to NZ CourierPost website and learned that if I got the message and can’t find my parcel I have to search thoroughly around the house. “Wow! – I thought - A well trained courier might hide it under eucalyptus tree somewhere on my small piece of land.”

I did. My dog helped me. We’ve found some stuff from windy rubbish collecting day but nothing that would look like a package from Israel.

Well, I made a phone call to NZ CourierPost (NZs Favourite Courier Service). The representative looked up tracking number, asked for my full name and address and told me that parcel has been delivered to a wrong address. I had to contact my sender/seller to make sure my name and address are right.

I did. I’ve got an email from seller with my proper name and address.

Well, I made another phone call to NZ CourierPost (NZs Favourite Courier Service). After stating the tracking number, my full name and address I was told that I need to contact my sender/seller for confirmation that ON the parcel there was my name and address.

I did. I’ve got an email with scanned label clearly stating my proper name and address.

I made another phone call to NZ CourierPost (NZs Favourite Courier Service). Another representative (it was always ‘another one’’, of course) after routing check (tracking number/full name/address) was surprised… I would say shocked. There wasn’t any name or address on the parcel – said she. Nevertheless the parcel WAS delivered. Where to? She opened an investigation case and… our conversation was cut off. Sometime later I re-dial again and another representative (number/name/address) told me ‘yes, case is opened’ and gave me a case number. Good.

And I started waiting. Waiting. There happened a lot of things out there in the world during the week I was waiting.

Well, I made a phone call to NZ CP (NZs FCS). Another representative (of course – num/name/addr) confirmed that case IS opened and ‘Nobody called you? Ok, I will look into it!’ And you know? the day after that I had a phone call! An energetic female voice told me that ‘recovery of my parcel failed’ (from ‘nowhere’? There wasn’t any name or address on the parcel – remember?). And now I have to contact my sender/seller who has to send a request to Courier Company stating that parcel hasn’t been delivered… Well a common routine.

I did.

Waiting now.

Only for some reason I have a scary cold feeling of finding myself in ‘mothercountryrussia’. I look around in fear, get my dog and go to the beach for a walk. No, it’s still New Zealand. Aotearoa. Good.

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