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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) classes at Howick Leisure Centre

Raven Lester from Half Moon Bay

Hi Neighbours,

My 1st time posting, if you want to learn BJJ, I highly recommend checking out Coach Karlo Vicencio of VKF BJJ Academy.

Benefits of training BJJ:
•Increased flexibility.
•Improved fitness, strength and general physical conditioning.
•Stress release and improved concentration.
•Increased self-confidence.

BJJ certainly helped our 11-year old daughter to be more disciplined, and be agile during unexpected situations. She is now a Yellow belt after a year of training and is set to compete next year.

Current training schedule at Howick Leisure Centre as follows:
- Thursdays: 1600-1700hrs
- Sundays: 0800-100hrs.

Raven Garcia

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Noise when cutting the pavers for an independent home DIY paving task - Qiubo (David) Su

Qiubo (David) from Half Moon Bay

Hi Neighbourly,

(update - at the early 2020, I finished the paving task for the bike track & footpath along one side of the concrete driveway, then I carried on transferring another section of grass garden to paving area and this task will be carried on for some more days. during this process, whenever discovering new issues in my garden area, I will address it and fix it, e.g. I just repaired the very aged retaining wall of this section of grass garden with brand new retaining wall timber, and fixed the issue of the storm water drainage system for this retaining wall. I did all these tasks by myself alone independently (except of asking some gardeners in Newspaper some questions over the phone). when using the power tools at some stage in the process, there is loud noise, and I have already addressed this issue in below paragraph. as said around Xmas & New Year period is the best time to do this kind of home DIY tasks. sorry if the noise makes you uncomfortable)

This Xmas & New Year period, I have been independently working on the paving task to convert part of the grass garden area to paving area (I actually started the task in my garden from 28 Dec 2019, while spending a few days before this date to purchase, prepare the foundation materials). The foundation is strong, so it needs to take a lot of time to prepare the foundation to dig out the dirt/clay with the mattock, hoe, shovel, to clean the foundation, to screen out the stone, gravel from the dig out dirt/clay for reusing.

2016 Xmas & 2017 New Year, I alone transferred a few m2 grass garden area to paving area, and repaired a small section of the existing paving area. The condition of these paving areas is still very good.
Xmas & New Year is the best time to do this kind of home DIY tasks, as a lot of people either go away for holiday, or some of them staying at home might do the similar home DIY tasks.

As I have already had some experience (and the required tools also) on paving task, so this new independent paving task from scratch should be less difficult for me. But it will take a lot more time, as the area is a lot larger than previous one.

When cutting the pavers to fit the paving areas, it will be very noisy, as loud as mowing the lawn, operating the drill or the chainsaw. Sorry if you're uncomfortable for the noise.

BTW have a great Xmas & New Year.

Best regards,
Qiubo (David) Su

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Private PA Required

Sarah from Sunnyhills

My dad is a 70 year old stroke survivor and he is looking for a private personal assistant to job share. He lives in sunnyhills. The hours are within 10-1pm daily (usually around 2 hours). Ideally looking for someone to pickup the Tuesday/Wednesday although this can be flexible. Also looking for someone to do 1 hour on Sunday lunchtimes.

Duties are varied but can include;

Feeding the cat
Preparing lunch
Preparing dinner on occasion (plated and ready to be microwaved and served by someone else)
Some light housework like loading dishwasher, changing sheets, ironing (a cleaner is also employed)
Some driving to appointments may be required in his car
Some errands eg collecting prescriptions
Light office work such as printing, scanning, emailing
General tasks as required
No toileting or personal hygiene assistance required
Good initiative

Pay is $30 per hour paid daily and $50 for the Sunday 1 hour session. You are responsible for your own tax.

Experience or interest in working with the elderly or disabled would be beneficial but not required. We would love to meet you with a view to starting straight away.

Please email sarahfmeneses@gmail.com. No private messages please.

6 hours ago

A Pride panel discussion in our grand foyer

The Team from Auckland Museum

Celebrated journalist David Farrier will chair a panel discussion in our beautiful grand foyer this February during Pride Festival. The panel includes Louisa Wall, Welby Ings and Ngahuia Te Awekotuku and will look at the milestones of inclusion and explore where to next for the LGBTQI+ communities.

Following the panel discussion will be a screening of Welby Ings’ award-winning short film Sparrow.

Book your seat today as spaces are limited!

6pm Monday 10 February, 6pm
Tickets - $25
Auckland Museum Grand Foyer
Book today