15 days ago

Website designer

Mary from Mount Roskill

Hi, I am looking a person to help me build 3 fairly simple websites - could anyone help me with some local recommendations thanks :-)

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1 day ago

Will you miss using Lime and Wave e-scooters?

Brittany Keogh Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours, as you've probably heard and noticed, Lime and Wave e-scooters must be off the streets today. However, Flamingo is still operating its rental e-scooters in the central suburbs. Here's some more information about where you can find them. Do you still use e-scooters? Are you missing Limes and Waves? Tell us in the comments.

3 days ago

FOUND** Louis - can you help?

Samuel from Sandringham

Hi Everyone, Im missing my best friend. We had a dog come around in the weekend and has scared away our cat. He hasn't come home in one week We live on Fowlds ave in Sandringham. His name is Louis. He's very friendly and will respond if you call him but unfortunately does not have a collar on. He's got tiger markings and Twany in colour. Offering a large reward if he is returned or any information. If you see him around your property if you could please give me a call or a message 0211621051

9 hours ago


Viv from Onehunga

Could the people who are burning things stop!!!! There is a fire ban.
That means you cannot burn stuff in your back yard.

It is true it is very difficult to understand the council website as you cant find out a simple answer but put the fire out. Ring the council to ask if you cant follow the website.

FENZ's Check It's Alright website could help anyone who was unsure about whether they can light fires in their area.

Those responsible could face a fine of up to $300,000 or a two-year jail sentence.