32 days ago

What's your message to the newly elected Auckland councillors?

Brittany Keogh Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours, As Phil Goff is elected as Auckland mayor for a second three year term, a North Shore couple have a message for the incoming councillors and local board: invest in infrastructure over cutting rates. What issues would you like to see the council take action on this term in your community? Please write NFP if you don't want your comment used in stories.

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9 hours ago

Vegan fish and chips - would you try them?

Josephine Franks Reporter from Central Leader

Kia ora neighbours, Grey Lynn's newest vegan joint Wise Boys is serving vegan 'fish' and chips, with beer-battered banana blossoms in place of snapper.

We took them down to the beach to see how they held up. Are you tempted to try them this summer?

4 hours ago

Relianz Travel Fun Fact - Best Pools in the World?

Relianz Group Ltd

Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool, Singapore - Take in the panorama view of Singapore City while swimming in the sky!

Pumkkale, Turkey - These terrace pools that look like they are made of ice are actually hot pools!

Bondi Icebergs Pool, Sydney - A wave pool where ocean waves constantly crash into the pool, what a view!

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico - Dotted with natural pools and caves, lots of hidden gems for you to explore!

Tat Kuang Si, Laos - Cascading turquoise pools and waterfalls, perfect for a trek and a dip!

1 day ago

Cheaper Courier (International)

Mubashir from Mount Roskill

Has anyone used a cheap and reliable courier company recently to send one document over? I went to NZ post and they're charging $92 to send one A4 envelope with 4 pages in it to United Arab Emirates. If I have to send 10 similar ones I better get a ticket and hop on the plane 😂😂