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David from Glen Eden

For National to stand a good chance of winning the next election they may need to change tactics.
New Zealand voters aren't all stupid. Most are educated decent people who work hard and respect each other. Being honest and law abiding is a characteristic which has contributed greatly to our success at so far beating covid-19. The PM has offered her thanks for that. With an election so near it begins to bring out the opposition who are desperate to belittle this government's success. It is harder for them now to claim we are all stupid, but they will try!
It is fairly well known that to gain any credit it has to be learned when to give it. The opposition would regain some credibility and respect if they were honest and admitted how well this government has performed. Mr Muller did offer some credit to start with. We will however see criticism, mostly based on hind sight, and grossly unfair blame for an economic downturn. An economic downturn was always totally inevitable and could have been far worse but for the wisdom and decisions of the team that tamed covid-19 to date. It says it all when the world at large shouts acclaim for New Zealand's almost unique success but our own people in the form of government opposition cannot. National will need to pull something far better out of the bag if they want to win the election. People are neither stupid or weak and all ready the economy is showing signs better than forecast. Interesting times. Mr Muller seems a decent chap but what plans will he offer to convince us he has NZ interests at heart rather than just a quest for leadership. All my life I was inclined to be a National or Conservative(uk) supporter. My choice these days is based on performance and policy deemed best for the country. Party 'names' are not in the equation.
The last National government was disappointing in so many ways and we even now struggle to recover from the legacy of run down services. The world economy was then recovering from the last recession but they still added 60 billion to public debt. People blame the EQ but government contribution was only 8 billion. Voting sensibly needs quite a bit of research and can be time consuming. I await with interest to hear National's realistic plans so I can make a choice. Some interesting history, seemingly well researched, might be enjoyed at CAFCA. It studies asset sales. Google it up.

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What an admission!

David from Glen Eden

The one and only argument in support of legalising cannabis is because we aren't capable of enforcing the law that forbids it. And of course when laws cannot be enforced or respected the law falls into ill repute. It is indisputable however that cannabis is far from harmless. Please don't confuse with the irrelevant puerile alcohol comparison. We're talking about cannabis. I will be very surprised if the intelligent public majority will vote to legalise cannabis as a recreational drug. Since we are too soft to enforce the law in the interests of health and social decency I guess we will have to live with our personal differences and put up with the damage. The first report of a smoking Englishman is of a sailor in Bristol in 1556, seen emitting smoke from his nostrils. It has taken since then to accept that it's a killer. I guess learning does take time but here we are applying much effort to ban smoking tobacco whilst asking a silly question about cannabis which is just as bad. Whilst I have much to say, please explain the sense, the usefulness, the intelligence behind vaping? What on earth is the driving force behind that lunacy.

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Project to turn Auckland's empty roof space into gardens gets off the ground

Brittany Keogh Reporter from Auckland Stuff

A not-for-profit initiative to turn the empty roofs of Auckland high rises into community gardens has begun.
The project, called Kai in the Sky, is the brainchild of 24-year-old Becky Umbers. Staff from local hospitality businesses, which are struggling because of the pandemic, will tend to the gardens and use the produce grown there for free. Would you tend to and use a roof top garden if they were open to the community?

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Looking for a bank

Fiona from Henderson

Hi there folks,
I need your expertise or knowledge in this matter please.
I'm looking to change banks due to various reasons, but it's mainly due to bank fees.
I need to know which is the best bank out there just for everyday use, nothing elaborate.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanking you in advance.