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Tayla Passes POLICE Entrance Exam with an above average score!

Sonia from Expert Maths Tuition New Lynn

Wouldn't it be great to get the best maths tutors and confidence builders for your child? or even for yourself?

Introducing Expert Maths Tuition, Revolutionary expert maths tutors are helping to shape brilliant minds nationwide.

We love to help any student from primary to college level, because we believe that a strong foundation is the key to shaping brilliant minds.

Need that unff in college to get better NCEA or Cambridge results? Let us help! We can provide the training and knowledge to get you there.

Worrying Entrance Exams? Take those worries and turn them into confidence builders.

Expert Maths Tuition is the best possible solution you can think of, we use Minds, Pen and Paper, NO Computer AT ALL!

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1 day ago

😲🔎Where have all the groups gone?🔍😲

Fiona from Henderson

When Neighbourly started and for such a long time, all of the groups within the Neighbourhood could be seen.
One could go through and see all the new groups, interests, conversations etc .. with the exception of the closed groups.

Now? well ... I'm scratching my head and have double checked everything and can only see the groups that I belong to, nothing more.
Well, that not quite true, it does suggest I may like to join a parents group in Green Bay and it even suggests I want to join my very own group - the check if it 😄😄

I'm fully aware that they were testing a new format a while ago, but this isn't working.
How can we expand our knowledge, learn new things, meet new people who have the same interests etc ... if we can't see ALL of the groups in our Neighbourhood?

Does anyone have a clue or an answer or anything to solve this annoying problem here on Neighbourly?
Maybe one of the Leads out there in the big ol' neighbourhood will be able to answer my question or maybe someone has already asked the question and has the answer and could share it with us.

11 hours ago

Rangeview Intermediate School: Caretaker

Rangeview Intermediate School

We are seeking a caretaker for 40 hours per week, to assist with general building and minor repair work; grounds maintenance/rubbish disposal; security checks; and school heating maintenance. Various additional tasks as required. This will suit a self-motivated person with initiative. A background in building and/or trades may be an advantage.

Please apply by email with a brief covering letter, CV, and the school’s application form, to the Principal: Glendak@rangeview.school.nz.

Applications close midday on Friday 28 January, 2022. Start by negotiation.
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1 day ago

Exclusive Neighbourly offering!

Climate Insights

Hi Neighbours,

Download your Property Climate Risk Report today and receive a 20% discount! Simply insert this code SUMMER22 at checkout and find out how climate resilient your property is today.

The peak property buying and selling season is here and after the record-breaking warmth of 2021, it is time to consider how our climate could impact your home.

Let's plan together to keep your home cooler, drier and more liveable.
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