35 days ago

Looking for boxes

Rod from Eden Terrace

Hello everybody
We have to move to a new place in the next two weeks, I wonder if someone has spare big or banana boxes I can borrow?



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6 hours ago

Mt Eden Village & Security

Amanda from Amanda Evans_Barfoot & Thompson

Just an update on Mt Eden Village, staying safe for everyone to enjoy their Christmas shopping and ensuring all our business owners and staff are able to as well!

Security has been increased in Mt Eden Village - Just to advise that the Mt Eden Business Association has now engaged security firm Matrix, to do nightly patrols. As well, from now until Christmas, 3 days per week, there will be a security person in the Village just helping businesses if needed. The intention is that this will de-escalate any issues that may arise and make the environment pleasant for all. If you see this security person walking around, please make him or her feel welcomed. This extends down to Woodside Road.

13 hours ago

What are you looking forward to at the traffic light system?

Josephine Franks Reporter from Central Leader

Kia ora neighbours, the traffic lights are in sight and we'd love to know what you're most looking forward to once Aucklanders have more freedom. Maybe it's being reunited with family outside Auckland, going to the pub, or just being able to hang out inside a friend's house (and use their loo!). Comment below to share your thoughts - use NFP if you don't want it published - or email josephine.franks@stuff.co.nz

15 hours ago

How conditions or covenants in business finance can impact you?

Speirs Finance

It’s important to look beyond the interest rate of any business finance arrangement that you are entering into because often that low-interest rate loan, which you have been enticed by, may contain conditions or covenants that you have to abide by and comply with. While there is nothing wrong with conditions or covenants being imposed by a lender, borrowers need to be comfortable that they can comply with these and that there are no adverse implications on the business or any party involved.