15 days ago

Brazen theft of large metal urn & cycad palm West End Rd

Allen from Herne Bay

Evening of Monday 11th Oct 10.42pm two men using a 2000-2002 Ford Focus 5dr hatchback stole one of two identical 1m tall cast iron garden urns complete with a mature cycad(sago) palm in it from right outside my front door. Total about 50kg.
All captured on CCTV but they were so fast (2min) that they managed to get away before being confronted. They left a luggage trolley & sunglasses behind which Police are fingerprinting. If the urn, palm or car are sighted or you can identify the thieves plse PM me or notify Police ref no OR-238748N.
See screenshots of car & two lowlifes.

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8 days ago

Explore Auckland’s street art by bike to win $1000 worth in prizes

Ripu Bhatia Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi neighbours,

An exciting way to stay active during the Covid-19 lockdown, explore Auckland and win prizes has arrived in the form of the Street Art Bike Challenge.

To participate people simple need to snap a photo of themselves, their bike, a piece of street art, and share the photo with the hashtag #streetartbikechallenge.

The event will run throughout October and aims to encourage people to cycle around the city and stay active throughout the Covid-19 lockdown.

It is being hosted by EcoMatters Bike Hubs, who have compiled a map of over 200 street art pieces around Auckland to get people started.

Over $1000 worth in prizes are up for grabs. Will you be participating in the Street Art Bike Challenge?

Share your photos below!

3 hours ago

Soups and Salads

New Zealand School of Food & Wine

It has been an exciting two weeks for our Foundation students learning some classic dishes. Here are some of their delicious dish photos.

1. Pea and ham soup
2. Waldorf salad made up of potatoes, capers, gherkins and streaky bacon
3. French onion soup
4. Vegetable Lasagne with Béchamel sauce

3 hours ago

There's more to finance than a low interest rate...

Speirs Finance

Does a low interest rate equate to positive cash flow?

Before going ahead with the provider who has the lowest rate consider the impact of the suggested term on your cash flow. A low rate on a loan with a short term, which suits the lender and is not aligned to the life of the asset may result in negative cash flow. Positive cash flow and profitability may be more achievable when the finance structure is aligned to the economic life of the asset and your intended use.