43 days ago

looking for a kitten

Kristina from Mount Eden

Heya. Me and my daughter are looking to get a kitten to live with us and become part of our family. I have been searching on trade me and online but it seems like there is a real shortage of kittens around. And also as soon as one becomes available, it gets snatched up quickly. Prices on trade me are outrageous, I mean I understand when people want to charge up to around $400 for a kitten/cat but majority of cats on trade me anyway go for over 2000 dollars, that's outside our budget. I was wondering if people have any suggestions of where to look and search or if anyone knows anybody who wants to sell or give away their kitten. We are based in Auckland but don't mind travelling out of Auckland to pick up the kitten. Once we move to Level 2 off coarse. Your help is much appreciated.

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4 days ago

Auckland Transport ticketing cars - is that an Essential Service?

Chris from Grey Lynn

I have noticed over the last 2 days AT's ticketing vehicle with the cameras patrolling our streets. We are in residential zone Grey Lynn and the streets are empty of cars and they should not be ticketing at this time. BE KIND!

9 hours ago

Peter William’s Natural Joint Secret

Koru Nutrition

Peter Williams reports a natural cream that supports his joints and helps to keep him active.

“When I get up in the morning, I want to know that my joints are healthy, flexible and ready for the day.”

“I recommend Koru FX cream by Koru Nutrition. It’s New Zealand made, natural, fast acting and long lasting. It has become NZ’s #1 fastest growing topical joint and muscle support cream and I can see why.”

“Ask for Koru Nutrition’s Koru FX cream next time you’re in the pharmacy and try it for yourself.”
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1 day ago

3bdrm House for Rent in Pakuranga Heights, Akl

Neil from Auckland Central

Available now for long-term rent at $600 pw, rent to be paid fortnightly in advance. Move-in this weekend. Small section with one car carport. Call on (022) 409-8832 to book viewing.