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Lianne Sloan from New Lynn Lions Club

The New Lynn Lions have unfortunately had to cancel this year's Parade. Covid-19 has had an impact on businesses and local groups resulting in limited commitment to date. The Parade also requires a reasonable financial commitment both from our Lions Club and outside Grants and Donations. This year we were not successful with a Community Grant and without this support the decision has been made to cancel.

All going well we will be back in 2021 with a bigger and better Parade so hopefully we will see you all then. Please continue to watch our Facebook and Neighbourly sites for further updates. For any future Parade inquiries please email Noel at mountjoy@slingshot.co.nz.

We hope your Christmas is an enjoyable time.

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2 days ago

Poll: Do you support a rates rise of 5 per cent in Auckland?

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Hi neighbours,

Aucklanders will see their rates bills soar 5 per cent to help counteract a $1 billion fall in council revenue over the next four years.

The one-off hike, up from a planned 3.5 per cent increase, will add $36 to the rates bill of an average value home before annual increases return to the previous path of 3.5 per cent rises.

The proposed increase is included in the update of Auckland Council's 10-year budget, which starts in July.

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Do you support a rates rise of 5 per cent in Auckland?
  • 8.1% Yes
    8.1% Complete
  • 88.1% No
    88.1% Complete
  • 3.9% Undecided. It's too complex.
    3.9% Complete
981 votes
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Would you pay 44 cents a week for more climate change action?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Auckland Council and the Government have declared climate emergencies. But the proposed 10 year budget, spruns a bolder action programme that would cost 44 cents a week more per ratepayer. Do you agree? Read the story below:

2 days ago

Your favourite ever summer holiday

Lorna Thornber Reporter from Stuff Travel

Hi everyone,
Now that summer's finally here and the holidays are just around the corner for many, we'd love to hear about your favourite summer holiday memories. Has there been a trip that you continue to think about years later? Where did you go, with who and what did you get up to? What made it such a stand-out experience? As usual, please put 'NFP' in your comment if you don't want it included in a travel article. Cheers.