41 days ago

Shops closed.

David from Glen Eden

Seems no sense to me closing butchers, bakers, and vege shops. It puts too much strain on supermarkets, They make enough money any day! Rules can be applied to keep it safe. There's more to gain than lose surely if they stay open..

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2 days ago

The Broken Bridge!

David from Glen Eden

Nine engineers!! Why doesn't one of them dig out the original engineering drawings, have the replacement parts made, third party inspected, then fitted. Maximum time, say two weeks??
While I'm on my beer crate, why have we not got a second crossing. It has been talked about for years and years and years! And all they do is talk talk talk. Where is the resolve, the go get, the leadership. Why are we dead from the neck up?????
And while I'm at it, why isn't Whenuapai made ready for use as a second Auckland airport. Imagine the scene when the Mangere airport runway is unusable?? It will happen one day.

Why do we wait for disasters when obvious needs can be easily foreseen and when we have the resources?? It's called planning. PLANNING with foresight.
Same with water supplies, car parking(sick) and road quality. Why do we pay such huge salaries for incompetence????

2 hours ago

W&F: Perfect Pairs

New Zealand School of Food & Wine

Perfect Pairs 2020 is a 5-course Tapas menu, enjoyed with a flight of boutique New Zealand guaranteed to whet your appetite.
This interactive workshop gives you the opportunity to explore the wines with each course and identify the best wine pairing based on your personal preferences.
The dishes include Palusami, Korean fried chicken and more.
Saturday, 3 Oct from 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

1 day ago

The Choice is Yours.

David from Glen Eden

German scientists identified a link between smoking and lung cancer in the late 1920s. In 1950, British researchers demonstrated a clear relationship between smoking and cancer and the evidence continued to mount. Today it is hardly contested. Yet only in very recent years has there been any serious sustained attempt to discourage the habit. Multi million dollar industry cares not how many it kills.

Research on cannabis smoking is nowhere as comprehensive but it is indisputable that cannabis smoke does contain many of the same toxins and irritants as tobacco smoke. Many users smoke both which makes research even more complex. Perhaps it will take another hundred years for the message to get through but if you choose to inhale smoke from any source, including soon to be legal cannabis, you are gambling with the prospects of a very miserable end. Whilst we perhaps should all mind our own business is a valid shout the results of the choice does affect other people. That is a problem. It should be noted too that vaping is beginning to show as equally dangerous with deaths from its use all ready being reported. No one can say they have not been warned these days. For people with enough resolve to leave these nasty things alone it won't matter what the law says. They will not use them but will need to avoid the exhaust fumes from those who do gamble. Ask the firemen about smoke! Their cancer rate is higher than the average. Do we need telling why?