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Bad dental experience at Lumino Wairau park

Lina from Sunnynook

I booked with Lumino wairau for filling my tooth. Originally i booked online for a suitable timeslot, but forgot to change the service from the default "hygiene and xray etc" to "dentist", so I called back straight away to update my booking. All sorted by the receiption as per phone call.
Anyway, I went there this morning and told the dentist again that one of the front teeth needs filling as it came off 2 weeks ago. She acknowledged but went on taking photo and xrays. Then she came up with a piece of paper as attached, telling me that she cant do the filling today, she needs a plan to do my whole teeth which will cost me $1204 or $1804 if i chose not to be on their plan. And Im charged $141 today for unwated service and her plan. Left the practice with the plan in my hand, $141 receipt and untreated tooth. Very disappointed at their unprofessional behavior. Im sharing my experience so hopefully no one else will be tricked liked me.

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Congestion charge for Onewa Road?

John Gillon from John Gillon - Kaipatiki Local Board

Congestion charge for Onewa Road?
The NZ Parliament is currently consulting on a proposal for congestion charges for Auckland. Submissions can be made online and close on Thursday 20 May 2021.
Parliament are wanting to know your views on different congestion charge options, such as when entering the city centre, or using "strategic corridors". They are proposing to start rolling out these charges when the City Rail Link opens.
To me it appears from the attached map that Parliament are suggesting that the lower North Shore could be included in Phase 1 (2025) or Phase 2 (2028) of the roll-out. Does that mean that they are proposing congestion charges for Onewa Road and Lake Road (Takapuna/Devonport)?
Please have your say on whether or not you support being charged to travel to/from the city centre, and to use "strategic corridors" which may include Onewa Road and Lake Road.

Have your say: www.parliament.nz...

Download the report: www.transport.govt.nz...

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North Harbour Stadium kitchen to help feed 9000 school kids per day

Caroline Williams Reporter from North Shore Times

More than 9000 kids will have full tummies to help them focus at school each day, thanks to an agreement putting the underused North Harbour Stadium kitchen to work.

Spotless and Auckland Unlimited, which owns the stadium in Albany, have come together to provide the free healthy lunches daily to 26 schools in Henderson, Massey, Ōrākei and Maungakiekie-Tāmaki.

The stadium’s full production-sized kitchen was a big investment but was “hardly” used during the week, Auckland Mayor Phil Goff said.

However, the arrangement would see the kitchen used every weekday, producing a stream of revenue for Auckland Council, eliminate some of the burden from ratepayers all while creating employment for 90 people in what Goff described as a win-win arrangement.

Click 'read more' for the full story.

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Poll: Are you in favour of the temporary ban on flights from India to New Zealand?

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Flights from India to New Zealand will be suspended for two weeks in a bid to curb the rising number of travellers testing positive on arrival.

Stuff reported the restrictions ahead of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's announcement that officials had recommended the drastic and unprecedented move in light of a massive wave of cases in India.

At a press conference in Auckland on Thursday afternoon, Ardern announced that no-one who had recently been in India would be allowed into the country until April 28.

The ban covers all travellers, including New Zealand citizens and permanent residents.

This suspension will take place from 4pm on April 11 and will be in place until April 28.

India is currently battling a massive resurgence of the virus, with about 116,000 new cases announced on April 6 alone.

Auckland barrister Grant Illingworth,​ QC, said that under civil aviation law the Government could deny entry to aircraft and vessels from other countries.

New Zealand citizens have the right to enter the country and that right could not be taken away except by authority from Parliament, Illingworth said.

“But just because a New Zealand citizen is on a plane doesn’t mean that the whole plane will be allowed to come to New Zealand, and the Government almost certainly does have the authority to shut down flights from particular countries.”

Are you in favour of the temporary ban on flights from India to New Zealand?
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  • 4.6% No
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  • 1.8% Undecided- it's too complex
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