40 days ago

It is unbelievable that people refuse vaccination for so many totally invalid reasons.

David from Glen Eden

The success of vaccines is historically hundreds of years proven and has tamed about thirty diseases.
Serious side effects from them is literally millions to one and vaccinations have saved millions if not billions of lives.
To discard such evidence, irrefutable statistics and the advice of the world's best qualified professors, doctors and epidemiologists is nothing but a display of stupidity and ignorance.
To refuse vaccination for covid-19 simply because you don't like being told what to do is simply puerile.
Only in rare cases might there be a legitimate excuse to avoid vaccination.
Vaccination is presently the only way we can get back to a more normal unrestricted existence.
We do owe a vote of thanks for the extended work hours, the study and complex analysis carried out by our decision makers. They have done a remarkable job and the front line people too have endured much stress.
I have little respect, try as I might, for people who refuse to take on board the sensible option of vaccination and who are putting our countries health and their close neighbours at added risk as well as themselves.

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5 days ago

Lone Star New Lynn ignores vaccine mandate, invites unvaccinated to apply for work

Brian from New Lynn

A popular family restaurant in Auckland inviting unvaccinated workers to apply for bar and restaurant roles on a "No Jab Jobs" website has had its ad removed.
Lone Star New Lynn posted the advertisement on the site four days ago with a note saying the business "will not be discriminating either whilst employing or serving our guests".
The job ad appears to contravene the vaccine mandate for close contact workers in the hospitality industry. The Herald spoke to owner Brendan Pascoe before the ad was removed yesterday but he refused to comment. "I'm not commenting, you are all pushing the same mandate so I know what will be said and I'm not interested. No comment," he said. When asked about the legalities of employing unvaccinated staff and serving unvaccinated customers, Pascoe again refused to comment. But Paul Steiner, operations manager for the Lone Star franchise, said the restaurant brand "took the health and safety of its franchisees, their staff, and customers very seriously". "All franchisees are required by the terms of their franchise arrangements to comply with all relevant laws, legislation, and government requirements, including health requirements." A spokesperson from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet said businesses covered by the My Vaccine Pass requirements need to ensure all workers are vaccinated. "If workers are not vaccinated at a hospitality business they cannot operate. "Vaccination in these sectors is an important tool for reducing infection and transmission." The countdown is on to December 3 when New Zealand moves to the traffic light system and restaurants, bars and cafes can open their doors to vaccinated patrons. Auckland, where the Lone Star restaurant is situated, will be at the Red phase where businesses can welcome up to 100 people based on 1m distancing with different groups of customers seated and separated. Vaccine passes must be viewed and verification is advised. If businesses do not comply with My Vaccine Pass requirements they can only offer contactless service. Events, restaurants, hairdressers and cafes that do not use vaccine certificates will not be allowed to open at all under the Red and Orange settings - except those that offer takeaway food. Epidemiologist Michael Baker said the Lone Star advertisement clearly went against the mandate for hospitality workers. "It's important to note customers going into any restaurant have an expectation that all the staff and other customers are vaccinated as mandated," he said. "To have an unvaccinated staff member in a role like that is a risk to others. Even with a mask, there is a risk, it is not eliminated." Chris Mole from the No Jab Jobs website said it wouldn't comment other than to say the Lone Star advertisement had since been removed. No other jobs advertised on the site are for jobs where vaccinations are mandated. On Tuesday, Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Wood announced new Covid-19 vaccination requirements. Vaccination was soon to be mandatory for all workers at any business where vaccine passports were required for customers.

12 hours ago

We're a funny lot, well some of us.

David from Glen Eden

Just about every man made invention, however simple or complex, can and does go wrong or fail once in a while. Wheels fall off, aircraft crash, roofs leak, biros fall apart, bridges fall down. Some of them put lives at risk but we don't organise protests and promote lies about it. Vaccination is a man made invention and statistically as safe or safer than any other. So why protest? Have some folk nothing better to do?

7 hours ago

NZ's Three Waters Reform: What it means for Auckland

The Team from Auckland Council

Find out what NZ’s Three Waters Reform on drinking water, wastewater and stormwater means for Auckland and have your say by December 19.
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