90 days ago

We need the law to protect us.

David from Glen Eden

This virus will yet again escape in New Zealand unless everyone follows the rules. The vast majority of us have complied with the necessary restrictions and recommendations to keep covid-19 at bay. A few however think they know better and for whatever reason disregard the virus danger. They are putting themselves and others as well as the economy at more serious risk. It is these dissenters alone who won't comply with being asked and who fully justify, make necessary, that the rules become law. And the rules are so simple, the rewards huge. The government has so far, [as usual], been light handed with enforcement. It won't work. The law needs ENFORCING with heavy fines and far stricter oversight. Only then can we compare with the success story of Taiwan. The vast majority of decent New Zealand citizens would welcome, and understand, the need for law enforcement. It's time we got on with it. It is not right that a small minority are left to wreck the place beyond imagination. I feel for Dr Bloomfield who puts his heart and soul into his job but is so undermined by a few idiots.

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1 day ago

Seed Sharing for Neighbours Day!

The Team from Neighbours Day Aotearoa

We love how creative some people are with their plant giving! This is for goodie bags for a 7 year olds party but we reckon you could borrow this wonderful idea for the Neighbours Day Aotearoa Great Plant Swap!
What a lovely gift to get and it's not just kids who love sunflowers.

ADDED BONUS: if you give your neighbours sunflower seeds you would get to enjoy their beautiful flowers too!

Have you signed up for Neighbours Day 2021 yet? There's lots of ways you can join in...check out our website to register today:

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Volunteers Needed

Anjalee Pieries from Amitabha Hospice Service Trust

Enjoy new friends and experience a rewarding time helping others, in your area! The training is given on 6 consecutive Wednesdays

from 7.00-9.30pm, at our training room in Avondale.

Amitabha Hospice provides free care to the elderly & to people with life-limiting illness in every area of Auckland for a few hours a week .

(a car is recommended to drive short distances)

Next Training is from:
Wednesday 17 February to Wednesday 24 March 2021
(six consecutive Wednesdays)
From 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm
44 Powell Street, Avondale

For information please go to:
or call: 828-3321

To apply click here:


3 hours ago

What's On: Blues Footy Fest

Alexia from Grey Lynn

Join the Blues and the Crusaders at NZ’s first summer rugby festival, the Blues Footy Fest! A fun-filled afternoon for the whole whanau.
Blues Footy Fest
  • Eden Park