525 days ago

Seed potatoes have landed instore!

Kings Plant Barn Takapuna

We’ve got plenty of varieties to choose from – from the fast-growing Rocket variety, to high-yield Anuschka, gorgeous Red Fantasy and good old Agria

Here’s a tip from our Plant Doctors… To give your tatties a head-start, let them sprout for about a month before you plant them. This will help them grow faster once they’re in the ground.

And, for bigger, healthier spuds, make sure you water your crop often and feed with a good fertiliser

Click on the link to grab your seed potatoes now.

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3 hours ago

Does your community need a splash of paint?


It's back! Nominations are now open for Resene's Colour Your Community 2021! Apply now for up to $1000 worth of paints, wood stains and products to spruce up an area in your 'hood.

You can submit a nomination on behalf of your organisation, business, or for your own community project - whether that is the paint for a new mural for your community hall, a graffiti clean up or refresh of a local playground.

We’ll also be selecting five winning entries plus asking members to vote in the People’s Choice Award!
Nominate your community

5 days ago

😀💉Covid-19: Auckland hits 90 per cent first doses, 75 per cent fully vaccinated💉😀

Fiona from Henderson

If the above headline found on Stuff's website is accurate, then allowing for the 5-8 weeks between vaccines, we should have some sort of freedom by Christmas - fingers crossed😉

8 hours ago

It is unbelievable that people refuse vaccination for so many totally invalid reasons.

David from Glen Eden

The success of vaccines is historically hundreds of years proven and has tamed about thirty diseases.
Serious side effects from them is literally millions to one and vaccinations have saved millions if not billions of lives.
To discard such evidence, irrefutable statistics and the advice of the world's best qualified professors, doctors and epidemiologists is nothing but a display of stupidity and ignorance.
To refuse vaccination for covid-19 simply because you don't like being told what to do is simply puerile.
Only in rare cases might there be a legitimate excuse to avoid vaccination.
Vaccination is presently the only way we can get back to a more normal unrestricted existence.
We do owe a vote of thanks for the extended work hours, the study and complex analysis carried out by our decision makers. They have done a remarkable job and the front line people too have endured much stress.
I have little respect, try as I might, for people who refuse to take on board the sensible option of vaccination and who are putting our countries health and their close neighbours at added risk as well as themselves.