121 days ago

Blocked Toilet

Kelly from Drain Ranger

With so many people home 24hours a day sharing the bathroom, now could be a great time to educate children on how much toilet paper to use and flush the paper before piling more on top to avoid blocking the toilet. Wipes are never OK to flush down the toilet.

As Essential Services we're here to help if you have any emergency blocked drains/toilets, or watermain issues.

Keep safe, Kia Kaha neighbours.

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15 hours ago

What was the government not telling us?

Bernard from Titirangi

We've had a 100 days of carefree living, when last week Bloomfield -out of the blue- started talking about 'a high risk of Covid returning. And now, Bang! 4 Cases and a level 3 lockdown. The question is, what did Bloomfield and the government know since last week -maybe a lot longer- that they were not telling us??

3 days ago

What an admission!

David from Glen Eden

The one and only argument in support of legalising cannabis is because we aren't capable of enforcing the law that forbids it. And of course when laws cannot be enforced or respected the law falls into ill repute. It is indisputable however that cannabis is far from harmless. Please don't confuse with the irrelevant puerile alcohol comparison. We're talking about cannabis. I will be very surprised if the intelligent public majority will vote to legalise cannabis as a recreational drug. Since we are too soft to enforce the law in the interests of health and social decency I guess we will have to live with our personal differences and put up with the damage. The first report of a smoking Englishman is of a sailor in Bristol in 1556, seen emitting smoke from his nostrils. It has taken since then to accept that it's a killer. I guess learning does take time but here we are applying much effort to ban smoking tobacco whilst asking a silly question about cannabis which is just as bad. Whilst I have much to say, please explain the sense, the usefulness, the intelligence behind vaping? What on earth is the driving force behind that lunacy.

1 hour ago

lots of soap to chose from

Danielle from Henderson

hand made soap ready to go all packed sealed an coverd nicely $5 each bar as markets will be closed an soap is needed to help combat nasty bugs
keep safe auckland an rest of nz