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Animal Cruelty

Jo from Glen Eden

I write this with a sense of terrible concern for the animals of Glen Eden.
My gorgeous purebred tonkinese cat, Bosley was shot yesterday morning with a crossbow. As per our normal workday morning routine, my husband let our cats out at around 7am (they are kept inside at night for their safety). They usually go outside, have a little wander around, do their business and then come back inside or curl up somewhere in our garden (like our greenhouse) until later in the day. Luckily yesterday morning I was not at work. At around 8.30am I heard a terrible noise like one of our cats trying to get through the cat door and my two other cats flew off the end of our bed and rushed outside. I opened the front door to find my gorgeous Bosley cowering and howling under our van in terrible pain and saw that he had a protrusion coming out of his back. I believe now that he had tried to get inside but the crossbow arrow had caught on the top of the door and stopped him from doing so. I had to drag him out from under the van (imagine the pain the poor baby was in 🥺) and took him straight to the vet. The vet sedated him, examined him, took xrays and then anaesthetised him and operated on him to remove the arrow from his back. She said that he had had a very lucky escape as the arrow had narrowly missed his spine, had not entered the abdominal cavity and had lodged in the muscle along the side of his spine. As you can imagine something like this is not a cheap exercise (approx $1,000) and has come at a terrible time as I have no income until the firm I work for re-opens on 24 January.
We live on Rosier Road adjacent to Prospect School and Bosley often walks in the bushland behind our property which runs between the houses on Woodglen Road and Rosier Road. My beautiful boy is not a hunter and in his 11 years of living at Rosier Road has NEVER caught a bird or anything else as he's somewhat overweight and lazy and I've never once seen him even climb a tree ! My other two tonkies would be devastated without him and so would we as he's the biggest softie and the sweetest cat.
I urge anyone who has seen or heard anything about anyone having or using a crossbow to contact me on Ph: 021 56 3336 or the police (Warren Strand of New Lynn Police on Ph: 0211 685 963). Please quote reference number 200114/1391.
After some thought and countless offers, phone calls and messenger messages from people offering donations to help us towards the veterinary costs we have set up a "give-a-little" page and thank you to all who have offered to help. We are sincerely grateful. If anyone would be willing to donate just a small amount we would be very grateful. We would also like to donate to the SPCA if we have surplus funds. Link below:

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Auckland's long-haul bus terminal: should it stay or go?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, If Auckland Transport, and maybe SkyCity had their way, the long-haul bus terminal would be re-located by this year. Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei had no idea that their land was wanted. Does the terminal need a new downtown home? Read the story below:

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March for Life (This Saturday)

Matt from Henderson

Hi Everyone, Matt here. Just a quick post regarding March for Life this Saturday if anyone is interested in standing up against Abortion. I believe it is wrong for someone to take their on life especially in the womb.

Won't say any more about this in case I go over the "guidelines" here on Neighbourly.


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NZ Home & Lifestyle Show

The NZ Home and Lifestyle Show, proudly brought to you by Trade Me Property is an exciting new and innovative exhibition event offering inspiration to improve your home and lifestyle. Held at the iconic Eden Park this vibrant one stop shop has a massive range of exhibitors from across the country.

Take a break to relax and refuel with a selection of gourmet fare and live music at the NZ Street Food Festival. Packed with plenty of ideas, innovations, advice and exclusive show specials at a premier events venue the New Zealand Home and Lifestyle Show has it all!

Purchase your ticket online here to avoid the queues and enjoy complimentary travel on trains and NX1 buses is by presenting your event ticket on event days.. Onsite car parking is also available. Show access is via Entry D on Cricket Avenue.

Experience it, live it, from the 5-8 March at Eden Park

Thurs – Sat 10am – 7pm, Sun 10-6pm
Eden Park

Adults $15
Seniors $10
Two day pass $20
Under 18 free
Book here