31 days ago

Monthly Book Sale

Lianne Sloan from New Lynn Lions Club

It is that time again - our monthly book sale is on Saturday 21st September at the New Lynn Friendship Club, 3063 Great North Road, New Lynn (down the driveway by the traffic lights). $1 buys a book (all sorts available), jigsaw puzzle, CD, DVD including TV series, and we also have magazines at 5 for $1. It is from 8 am to 4 pm and we welcome donations of items in good condition on the morning of the monthly book sale or on Thursday mornings between 9-11 am at the same venue.

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29 minutes ago

What's On: Light Party (alternative to Halloween)

Jd from Swanson

Fun family event, for 3-13 year olds. Bouncy Castle, spot prizes, lollies, face painting, parachute games, sausage sizzle, and more. Dress as your favorite hero or heroine. Gold coin donation.
Light Party (alternative to Halloween)
  • St Michaels Anglican Church
36 minutes ago

Poll: Do you support a sugar tax?

Brittany Keogh Reporter from Western Leader

Hi neighbours, an international report has ranked NZ's child obesity rate second-worst in the OECD with 39 per cent of Kiwi kids overweight or obese. Unicef is now calling for the Government to introduce a sugar tax to curb the problem. Would you support this? What do you think needs to be done about child obesity? Read the full story here: www.stuff.co.nz...

Do you support a sugar tax?
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  • 0% No, education would be more effective than a tax
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9 days ago

Does this guy have a home?

Lauren from Glendene

Hi all,

Does this friendly guy belong to anyone? (or vice-versa as cats go!) We're on Butterworth Drive and have noticed a cat explosion in the last few months with a lot of them congregating in our yard.
This guy has become more and more friendly and lets us approach him and yowls a lot when he comes round to let our 2 cats know that he's come to say hi.
He sprays constantly around the yard and has recently sprayed on our washing on the clothes horse :/
We've tried the paper 'Am I owned?' collar but we're not sure if it just fell off due to damp weather.
Please let me know if you know if he has a home or he's been lost and is trying to wander home. He's in good condition and is unfixed.