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Early childhood experiences that count.

Sherilyn from Early Learning Centre 8's Enuff

Come along and see how we can support you and your little one in our small nurturing environment.
We cater for 15 inquiring minds and support each individual with a program to suit.
Our ratio of 1:5 means more specific time can be spent on your child's learning outcomes
Come along and talk to us or phone Sherilyn 027 273 9169 or 5764447

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Poll: Do you like the design of the new Team New Zealand's America's Cup vessel?

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Meet Team New Zealand's new America's Cup boat.

Te Rehutai was seen foiling under sail on its first outing after its Thursday night launch.

She was towed out from the team's base on Friday morning and got up on her foils while under tow during the planned test programme of sailing on the Waitemata Harbour.

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Do you like the design of the new Team New Zealand's America's Cup vessel?
  • 80.3% Yes
    80.3% Complete
  • 19.7% No
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Inter-Me: A workshop for new year 9 students!

Ellie from Howick

Hi everyone!

As some of you may be aware from previous posts, I'm a certified life coach and youth mentor, based in Howick (www.the-bigsisterproject.com) - and I have got something pretty special coming up in 2021 for our 'tweenagers'! :)

For a while now, I've been hearing more and more stories about some of the anxiety that kids are feeling around starting college, and how it's been added to with the impacts of Covid-19. Even children who feel pretty excited about college and have friends going to the same school still have that underlying nervousness about all the changes they'll face. Too many kids are also experiencing bullying, depression, anger, and fear as they try to fit in and be liked. It's tough stuff, and not something they should ever need to go through.

Are your kids in any of these boats? Do you, as a parent, feel ready to take on whatever comes home with your child as they navigate this new territory?

'Inter-me' is going to be a unique, memorable, empowering, and exciting workshop for children who are entering college in 2021. It doesn't matter if they're introverted, extroverted, full of beans, or feeling a little low - there will be something for everyone and it'll be a safe space to develop a sense of confidence and love for themselves!

I remember when I started year 9 and not knowing a single person - it was pretty scary and I would have loved someone to share some stories and give me some tips!

So if you are the parent of or know the parent of a soon-to-be-year-9, have a look and let me know if you'd like to book a space. $85 for the day, lunch, and take-home materials included!!!
*if your child is year 9 going into year 10 but still hasn't found their feet, they are also welcome to come along!
This is running in association with UXBRIDGE Arts & Culture Centre in Howick!

Please RSVP in the event below
www.facebook.com... info inside the event page), or go straight to the tickets page: www.eventbrite.co.nz...

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You tube channel

Bruce from Pakuranga Heights

I want to start a Youtube channel covering the disruption in the 2020s that is going to change so much of our lives. However I quickly realised I don't have the technical nor the presentation skills to do this on my own. I am looking for a partner or partners to help me with this and to share any benefits from it. I can supply all the content which would fill many hours and then it could be changed to recording the disruption and so run for years.