31 days ago

Diamond ring found.

Jenny from Parnell

A diamond ring was found yesterday in Middleton Rd Parnell/ Remuera!
If it could be yours plse call me.

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3 minutes ago

When bags move like ballerinas

The Team from Auckland Museum

Ballerinas twist, turn and move so gracefully that they often seem other-worldly, but would you ever compare a ballerina to a bag?

In our Carried Away: Bags Unpacked exhibition, artist Isaac Katzoff’s glass bag got itself a nickname of just that: the ballerina. The nickname was given after the bag hinted at graceful movement while it was under the spotlight in the photography studio - it's inner performer was at the ready.

Although the Museum holds many objet d’art (art objects), the beautiful photography and images of the collection are themselves works of art, as this image of Katzoff's bag here is. Museum photographers work behind the scenes to create images of objects that act as both documentation and art.

As Artweek Auckland comes to a close this weekend, we wanted to showcase just one of many of the wonderful objet d'art from within our Applied Arts & Design collection.

Come and see 'the ballerina' for yourself, alongside many other wonderful works of art at Carried Away: Bags Unpacked, on now and free with Museum entry.

2 hours ago

Does alcohol marketing need to be reined in?

Harrison Christian Reporter from Central Leader

Hi all,

A Kiwi academic is calling for an international treaty, like the one in place for tobacco, that would limit alcohol marketing in spaces like sport and social media. Of particular concern, the professor says, are targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram that are invisible to policy makers. Are you a parent worried about the level of exposure your child has to alcohol marketing? If so, please get in touch: harrison.christian@stuff.co.nz


2 hours ago

Poll: Do you support a sugar tax? What should NZ do about its high child obesity rate?

Brittany Keogh Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours, an international report has ranked NZ's child obesity rate second-worst in the OECD with 39 per cent of Kiwi kids overweight or obese. Unicef is now calling for the Government to introduce a sugar tax to curb the problem. Would you support this? What do you think needs to be done about child obesity? Read the full story here: www.stuff.co.nz...

Do you support a sugar tax? What should NZ do about its high child obesity rate?
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  • 0% No, education would be more effective than a tax
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