53 days ago

Stranger Danger - Safe Exercising

Helena from Greenlane

Last night, my teenage daughter was followed by a single male (dark complexion & accent) in a car (white new-ish Tesla) and approached on Walpole St in Ellerslie just before dark/9pm. (NOT an Uber) While walking our block.
She saw him drive by, turn & drive past again slowly, then circle around, and he stopped to say:
Do you need a ride somewhere? Sure I can't give you a ride? & insisting...
She bolted up the highway, hid and then ran around the corner home.
We've reported the incident & posting this just for local awareness & as a reminder (especially for our kids) to be careful out there.

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2 hours ago

Dovetail Restorations in Onehunga

Dovetail Restorations Ltd

When we polish furniture, most times we take the items apart in order to get an even finish! Down to the buttons 😊

12 hours ago

Auckland Anniversary Day and Waitangi Day waste collections

The Team from Auckland Council

Rubbish and recycling collection times may change from 31 Jan to 11 Feb due to public holidays. Check your collection dates and sign up for our holiday text reminders by clicking on Read More.

2 hours ago

Freedom camping reminder ahead of the long weekends

The Team from Auckland Council

🏕️ Reminder so that we can enjoy all our region has to offer safely and respectfully:
✔️ Tents and other forms of shelter are permitted at our beaches and reserves during the day.
❌ Freedom camping, aka staying overnight in a tent, is not.