32 days ago

Have you seen this colourful jumper?

Tori Tokalau Reporter from Auckland Stuff

George Shiers has been looking for his favorite jumper for more than two years, and he is longing for its return.

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Gardening, Landscape & Timber-works

Hasan Abdoh from Elite Home & Garden Auckland

Small Garden solutions: No matter how small your garden is; it can be turned into a piece of art.

Our services:
Gardening works * Landscaping * Plantation * Irrigation Networks * Tree care & Tree felling * Hedge trimming * Timber fences & decking * Deck sanding & staining * Water-blasting & House wash * Floor Paint * Artificial Turf (Grass)

Elite Home & Garden
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15 hours ago

Have you seen this kitty?

Cara from Mount Wellington

Has anyone seen this kitty?
His name is lucifer and he is a many cat cross, he has a half crooked tail also and is very talkative and friendly.
He's not microchipped and has been known to wander for a few days then return but hasn't in a while now, I'm starting to worry😭.
Our house is on Alana Place, opposite Ballarat Street. and he may have befriended someone especially if being fed 😂
🤞🤞 Someone knows where he is as my son and other 3 cats miss him dearly!!

1 day ago

Every client is unique

Owner from Balance for Life

At Balance for life every client is unique and each session is different. When you arrive we will take some brief history and details. Then we do what I call „ checking in“ a short 3 min grounding mindfulness exercise to calm the busy mind and connect within and into „now“. Following on with a few kinesiology muscle tests to get some insight about hydration, the meridian energy flow and the best flower essence for that session. The results determine what I will do in the holistic massage and how I will guide you through your meditation at the end of the massage whilst you enjoy a foot reflexology treatment as well. In the middle of your Session I give you Reiki. During the whole session I am guided by what we found in the kinesiology testing and what comes apparent in the massage. At the end I go over what I have found and summarise the session for you to take with.... with love