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Poll: What do you think is the common reason Kiwis fail their driving test?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

There is one common reason that is accounting for one-quarter of all immediate failures of driving tests - out of the options below, what do you think is the common reason Kiwis don't pass the test? Vote in our poll.

Find out the answer here.

What do you think is the common reason Kiwis fail their driving test?
  • 24.3% Failing to giveway
    24.3% Complete
  • 15.2% Travelling above the speed limit
    15.2% Complete
  • 21.2% Not stopping at stop sign
    21.2% Complete
  • 39.3% Not checking blind spots/mirrors
    39.3% Complete
1184 votes
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2 hours ago


Nat from Onehunga

ADMIN please delete if not allowed thank you...
Hi all, Christmas is a time of giving and I would love to help out a beautiful selfless lady that is always helping and giving to everyone else,she recently lost her grandmother and has fallen very sick herself,I would love to surprise her and her 2 girls aged 11 and 8 with some presents and food to get them through the Christmas period as they are finding it hard with funeral/health costs at this time,PLEASE if you are able to find it in your heart to help in anyway would be truly appreciated,thank you and Merry Christmas to you all
Please message me if you are able to help many blessings

8 hours ago

Au Pair Wanted

Karen from Onehunga

Hi Neighbours:)
I am looking for a live-in Au pair for January 2020.
If you are interested or know of anybody please can you pass the message around.
Full Board is Provided. The au pair will have their own room, which is spacious and lovely and use of all house and large garden, internet, laundry facilities ETC, it is a nice family home.
I have 3 children aged 5, 8 and 11. My youngest will start School in February.
Approx duties would be school, activity runs and some evening childcare, and to help family routines and activities run smoothly.
$200 per week, 20+ hours/week
Au pair needs 2 references and own car.
This job is intended for an "Au Pair".
Full Board is provided.
If you would like any more information Please Private Message me
Thank you:)
(Please do your research about what an Au Pair is and what the Host family Provides before posting uneducated comments).

1 day ago

Dog Owner? Concerned that the Orakei Local Board isn't listening to the people it represents?

Admin from Waiatarua Dog Fans

At their business meeting held on 5 December 2019 the Orakei Local Board voted to adopt the Waiatarua Reserve Enhancement Plan. This plan includes a change that will directly affect the main user group of the Reserve (dog walkers) and includes a proposal for an additional ON-LEASH area in the Reserve.

12 (c) request Parks and Places add an item to its 2020/2021 work programme to undertake a bylaw review of dog exercise areas in Waiatarua Reserve, in line with the Waiatarua Enhancement Plan.

(see proposed area in image of top section of reserve below).

The Waiatarua Reserve Enhancement Plan now includes an area that could potentially see dogs leashed - including a segment of the main perimeter walking track.

Frequent users of the park - Waiatarua Dog Walkers (587 members) presented evidence to the Board at this business meeting showing strong opposition to the inclusion of this proposal in the Reserve Plan. The Waiatarua Reserve Protection group who have been working in the Reserve for decades were also strongly opposed, and wanted this area removed from the Plan. Nonetheless - the Orakei Local Board disregarded the main user groups and included this provision together with a request to Parks & Places greenlighting the process. No reasons were given for this decision at the business meeting and no reasons have been given despite a subsequent email request to the Board to provide them.

For those unaware of the reserve and its current use, there is currently a well established play ground complete with facilities and parking at the South West end of the reserve. This group supports the enhancement of this play ground area which is already ON LEASH, and believes the Board should be focusing on water quality monitoring and enhancement of the wetlands rather than wasting time and money on by-law changes that are not wanted by the main users of the Reserve (see image of stagnant stream).

If you are a dog fan and support retaining the current off-leash areas in the reserve so our pooches can continue to have a safe and secure space to exercise then please help us get heard by signing the petition. www.change.org...