34 days ago

Come on people, lets get together and stop the private sale and abuse of fireworks.

Bita from One Tree Hill

“Wellington Zoo is calling for an end to private fireworks after a spooked animal died on Guy Fawkes night.

The male Nyala - a type of antelope native to southern Africa - was found dead at the Zoo on Wednesday morning.

General manager of animal care and science Daniel Warsaw said they believe the Nyala got spooked from fireworks and ran into a fence.

“”What we've found on the post-mortem was that his death was caused by high levels of stress."


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7 hours ago

Looking for Child Care Workers

Sheetal Lawrence from Club Meadowbank


We are looking for some fantastic people to join our OSCAR programme at Meadowbank School starting 13 January 2020.

If you love children and enjoy looking after them, then just email me your CV. My email is slawrence@meadowbank.school.nz


13 hours ago

Need large(ish) vehicle before 3pm today

Cara from Mount Wellington

Ok I've found the perfect Christmas gift for my son who was recently diagnosed with ADHD to help with his learning at home.
But I need someone who has a ute/van/truck etc that could fit a large whiteboard in or on their vehicle that's available today before 3pm?
Need this picked up and dropped off less than 1km away.
Happy to give gas and a bottle of wine/box of beer for helping.
Thanks in advance.

12 hours ago

Poll: Do you have a New Year’s resolution?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Another year has nearly passed, and with every new one comes the chance to make new resolutions (or repeat your old ones). Whether it’s starting and sticking by a new fitness plan, saving to travel, or learning a new skill, do you have a New Year’s resolution? How good are you at sticking by it? Vote in the poll below.

Do you have a New Year’s resolution?
  • 9.6% Yes - I’m excited to implement it
    9.6% Complete
  • 28.7% No - I never stick by them
    28.7% Complete
  • 20.6% I haven’t thought about it yet
    20.6% Complete
  • 41.2% I make goals throughout the year
    41.2% Complete
136 votes