41 days ago

Have you recently bought your first home? How did you do it?

Brittany Keogh Reporter from East & Bays Courier

Hi neighbours, Are first home buyers better off buying an apartment in central Auckland or a house in the suburbs? Property experts are divided over that question.
(More information in the story below). What do you think? Are you a first home buyer? Have your recently bought your first home in Auckland? How did you do it? Share your experience in the comments below or by emailing aucklandnewsroom@stuff.co.nz. Please write "NFP" if you don't want your comment to appear in print.

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5 minutes ago

Landscaping and more!

Amani from Onehunga

Happy clients! Storage room and landscaping.
Contact us now to transform your property

A&T Landscape

5 minutes ago

Gardner and lawns 3 hours work

Cass from Remuera

Hi, after someone to come and do a quick garden clean, and do the lawns.. Saturday if possible. Not a huge section just a little out of control with winter.

We have a greenbin also but our lawn mower is shot so you will need to bring one.

Outside really just needs a good cleanup, lawns done and some weeds pulled. 3 to 4 hours

Let me know if you can do it, thanks in advance.

Ongoing work if your good and affordable.

10 minutes ago

Have you had weight loss surgery?

Caroline Williams Reporter from East & Bays Courier

Hi neighbours. If you've had publicly funded weight-loss surgery, I'd like to hear from you for a story about how many are receiving the surgery. I'll be asking you about your experience leading up to and following the surgery, and whether you'd recommend it to others.
Send me an email at caroline.williams@stuff.co.nz or message me here on Neighbourly.
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