328 days ago


Angie Maharaj from Shaniks Hair and Beauty

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3 days ago

KIWISAVER-Lost Some due to Lockdown!!

Eugene from Ellerslie

Just got a call from a friend-over $8k lost off her Kiwisaver. She is not a happy lassy I tell you!!
I guess this is dependant on level of investments you setup for your Kiwisaver. I also asked her to NOT PANIC and change her portfolio as it will mean she will is accepting her loss as current. Really tough thing for her but she will survive! Have you checked your Kiwisaver??

1 hour ago

LOCK DOWN DAY 5-Hanging high?

Eugene from Ellerslie

Look what I found hidden at the back of the garden.
No idea it was there-amazing what you find when you haven't visited the garden for awhile.
Now what?
Hope you're all good!!!

4 days ago

Hello Fresh Code

Claire from Meadowbank

For anyone who would like to try Hello Fresh to help them avoid the supermarkets in this crazy time I have a $50 off code for you. Enter the code HS-K4P9LCFZO and enjoy meals delivered fresh to your door. So awesome to have everything sorted without having to head to the supermarket.