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What do you think about your local art?

Mandy Te Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours, are there any questionable-looking sculptures in your area? Talks of NZ's "ugliest" sculptures have been hot with a giant hand recently moving to the capital. Boy Walking in Potters Park has received mixed reviews and before that, a noodles sculpture called OnDo also had mixed reviews. Have you spotted any other interesting sculptures in your area?

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Poll: Do you support a sugar tax? What should NZ do about its high child obesity rate?

Brittany Keogh Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours, an international report has ranked NZ's child obesity rate second-worst in the OECD with 39 per cent of Kiwi kids overweight or obese. Unicef is now calling for the Government to introduce a sugar tax to curb the problem. Would you support this? What do you think needs to be done about child obesity? Read the full story here: www.stuff.co.nz...

Do you support a sugar tax? What should NZ do about its high child obesity rate?
  • 46% Yes, I would support a sugar tax
    46% Complete
  • 18% No, the Government shouldn't police people's eating habits
    18% Complete
  • 34% No, education would be more effective than a tax
    34% Complete
  • 2% Other (I'll tell you in the comments)
    2% Complete
50 votes
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‘CREATIVITY IN THE HOOD’ lifting the lid on…

Alex from Mount Eden


Māpura Studios is a neighbourhood art studio who for twenty years has been supporting people living with disability and neurological conditions. Mapura Studios will present the first in a summer series of community events held at Crave Café. There will be a talk by Professor Bronwen Connor alongside the sale of affordable art by Mapura award-winning artists and an acclaimed New Zealand artist.

Crave has been musing for years about how to make Morningside a better place to live. One of the ways they have come up with is to lift the lid on the people of Morningside to share their stories—to help people get to know the diversity and activities of the people of the ‘hood’.

‘Creativity in the Hood’ lifts the lid on


Bronwen Connor is a Professor in Pharmacology and head of the Neural Reprogramming and Repair Lab at the University of Auckland’s Centre for Brain Research. Bronwen has worked on several strategies for the treatment of multiple neurological disorders.

She has also created an excellent online programme called ‘Being Brainy’ designed to teach primary and intermediate school children about brain function. Bronwen will present ‘Being Brainy’ and the importance of science education in the early school years.


Mapura Studios will exhibit a range works by its exceptional artists and introduce Jimmy James Kouratoras, a well known NZ artist. Original works and prints by both Mapura artists and Jimmy James will be for sale. Please see the link below to see Mapura’s winning entry for the 2019 IHC Awards.



Date Wednesday October 30, 2019
Time 6.30pm doors open
Venue Café Crave, 6 Morningside Drive, Morningside.

For further information please call or email Mapura Studios 09 845 5361 or email info@mapurastudios.org.nz

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Have your say: City Centre Masterplan

Dee Sims from Waitematā Local Board

Tomorrow consultation closes on the City Centre Masterplan refresh (18 October). Your feedback will help shape the vision for Auckland’s city centre and waterfront. Click Read More to have your say.