35 days ago

Mobile Phone Use While Driving

Brian from Pakuranga

At 4.45pm this afternoon, Friday 24 January 2020, the driver of a grey BMW with number plate HWP400 was holding a mobile phone in front of the steering wheel (i.e. need to look down to see it) engrossed in a video call while driving along Pakuranga Road before and after the Ti Rakau Drive intersection in the direction Panmure --> Howick.


A recently as last week Friday, coincidentally at the exact same time, there was a four (or five) car pile-up on the Waipuna Road bridge, almost certainly due to one person being an idiot by not paying attention to the traffic ahead. Video chats while driving are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!

It is illegal, irresponsible, and downright idiotic to use a mobile phone while driving. If you really need to have a call, read / write a message, or check something online, please pull over into a quiet side street, park properly, and then use your phone. Or simply wait until you arrive at your destination!

Your actions affect everyone around you! You don't want some idiot driving into you, right? So why be that idiot for others?

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What would you do with $50 million?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

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