34 days ago

Mobility parking

Anoop from Flat Bush

Still pisses me off when able bodied people treat mobility parks as their own personal parking spots. Especially when there are spots open a few feet away. Shame on you if you are one of them.

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13 days ago

FREE Exercise Classes

Marama from Manukau - Wiri

They have a waiting room for your children at the Manukau HQ branch. I haven't started with them yet as I've hurt my neck, but what I've seen is awesome.

Jack Conway Ave, Manukau.

Auckland Central, South Auckland, Hawkes Bay & West Auckland.

5 hours ago

What's On: When Two Worlds Collide

Lynne from Maraetai

Join the Manukau Concert Band and Pohutukawa Coast Choir as they combine their two worlds, with musical directors Tom Chester and Steven Rapana
When Two Worlds Collide
  • St Andrew's Presbyterian Church Centre