35 days ago

driving while on the phone

Joanne from Pakuranga Heights

just a plea to people who use phones while driving, of the impact this
can have. I have a son and a friend who have both been involved in crashes (I call them that as they are not accidents) caused by people
driving while on a phone. Both cases involved trucks,
while not seriously injured thank god, the bother of having your car off
the road and repaired is so frustrating, in my sons case his vehicle was
his business, insurance never really covers all losses. and my friends
car is a total write off now he has to find a new one, after he had just
spent a lot of money on it
so please people especially drivers who drive for a living and should
know better think of the consquences of your law breaking actions
nothing is that important on your phone to risk killing someone
if you must use a phone buy a hands free, far cheaper than a crash
for everyone involved

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4 hours ago

We’re adjusting the electorate boundaries

Electoral Commission

We’re adjusting our electorate boundaries for the next two general elections.

By making sure each electorate has about the same number of people, we can give all New Zealanders equal representation in Parliament. It’s all balance.
If we move one of your electorate boundaries, you could end up in a different electorate to the one you’re in now – so we show you what we’re proposing before we make any changes and give you the opportunity to share your thoughts.

Have your say now at vote.nz
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4 hours ago

Round the Bays

The Team from Auckland Council

Ports of Auckland Round the Bays is back! Join us on Sunday 8 March 2020 to enjoy a walk, run or dance with your friends and whanau along Auckland’s waterfront.

To help you get ready, we have a great $149 package (worth over $200!) which includes:
● Single adult event entry
● Three month ‘Corporate’ all-access Auckland Council Pools & Leisure membership (gym, pool, spa, aqua/group fitness classes) with access to over 40 sites, Auckland-wide
● Access to a social run club
● Be part of the ‘Get active your way’ team and get a team t-shirt or singlet
● Fun at Madill's Farm!
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1 day ago

Three food recalls in Auckland - have you been affected?


Are you affected by any of these three recalls?

1. Harmony brand Free-Range Boneless Ham and Free-Range Champagne Ham has been recalled due to the possible presence of Listeria monocytogenes. Click here for more information and consumer advice.

2. Tegel brand Crumbed Chicken Burgers has been recalled as the product may contain foreign matter (small pieces of metal wire). Click here for more information and consumer advice.

3. Specific batches of its Countdown brand Trevally Fillets has been recalled as the product contains an elevated level of histamine. Click here for more information and consumer advice.