108 days ago

Noises in the Ceiling

John from Bugless Pest Control

Rats in the garden can lead to rats in the roof. Make sure trees are trimmed at least 1 Metre away from house gutters and verandahs. Check the garage door closes fully to the concrete and there are no side gaps. Check for gaps in your properties foundations and block with rodent sealant or steel wool.

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My golden retriever

Youngjin from Milford


Please see my video

20 hours ago

Razor blades in the walls....

Kylie Klein Nixon Reporter from Homed

Has anyone ever seen something like the image below in an older Kiwi home? Does anyone remember them from their childhood? These strange slots allowed you to rid yourself of an old razor and never think of it again...but it also meant, years down the track, that someone renovating would be in for a nasty, rusty surprise.
I'm certain I've seen something like this here in Aotearoa-NZ, but can't for the life of me recall where. It was in the back of the medicine cupboard. Let us know if you've seen, had - or have - one in your home.

4 hours ago

Do your curtains & blinds need a professional clean?

The Team from Textile Cleaning Services

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