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Kiwis Learning to Fly! Build your wings with Education!

Rae from EduExperts Botany

Dear Parents / Caregivers,

Welcome to an all-access pass to some of the world's biggest movers & shakers in education!

Learn about the global changes in education from Crimson CEO, Jamie Beaton! Discover what it takes to gain admission into the world's most revered universities, from former Admission Officers of Stanford, MIT & North western! Find out what it takes to become a doctor in NZ & AUS from a House Surgeon at North Shore Hospital, WDHB.

Come along on August 25th for all of this AND MORE!

This event is a must for any students, parents, teachers and career’s counsellors.

We have speaker sessions from 10.30am - 4.00pm, but you don't have to stay the whole day! You are welcome to attend the sessions that interest you!

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We Say, You Say: Beach Safety

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Hi Auckland,

Do you know how to spot a rip?

A study conducted by Surf Lifesaving New Zealand at Muriwai Beach found that 78 per cent of beach goers could not identify a rip current.

One geomorphologist involved in the study spotted a "well-established" rip offshore and asked individuals at the beach to point it out.

The vast majority could not do so.

According to SLSNZ, around 80 per cent of rescues made were from people getting stuck in rips. They say that the easiest way to identify them is to spot calm strips of water that are flanked by breaking waves.

“They commonly occur in deeper channels that are cut between sandbars, which means waves don’t break as much in the rip current – this means that beachgoers often mistake them as the safest areas to swim because the water looks so calm when compared to the breaking waves either side.”

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1 day ago

If cutting emissions is the big goal - why put up PT fares ?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Auckland is this year getting serious about reducing carbon emissions. Transport is the city's biggest single emitter. So how does it make sense to hike public transport fares? Read the story below:

18 hours ago

Aucklanders back recycling over dumping rubbish

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Aucklanders seem to be embracing re-cyling instead of dumping their rubbish, according to figures released by Auckland Council.

The city slickers are keeping more than 1500 tonnes of materials out of landfill each year by using the inorganic collections service.

More than 150 community groups have registered to benefit from these items which include electronics, whiteware and furniture.

Aucklanders are also dropping off 5200 tonnes of unwanted items at community recycling centres.

Auckland Councillor Richard Hills said using the on-property collection service had kept more than 7417 tonnes - the combined weight of 49 blue whales_ out of landfill and given those items a second life.

Before the booked inorganic service rolled out, people were leaving the materials on the kerbside to be picked up as rubbish, he said.

"Aucklanders were sending all of those items to landfill this way each year; nothing was recycled."

Do you recycle your rubbish?

Do you prefer to book the inorganic collection or drop your goods off at recycling centres?

Have you seen any evidence of rubbish dumping in streets around your neighbourhood?

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