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Neighbourly's Good News

Lyn from East Tamaki Heights

During the Festive holidays I decorated the house on the outside to bring Good Cheer to our Neighbours who walked or drove past. This morning when I cleared out my post box I found the following letter.

"Dear Neighbour

Your efforts with Christmas decorations have brought amusement and smiles to a long-suffering family member of mine.

On that note, I say a big thank you for the priceless moment.

I am sure your decorations have brought merry and joy to the neighbourhood and a relief to a tough year.

PS: My family member does not know that I am writing to you.

Feel free to put this in your social media post. I would know if you put this in the Neighbourly website...

I typed this message otherwise my family would recognise my handwriting!

Maybe there will be something to look forward to same time next year!

Best wishes,
A Passing Neighbour."

I would like to say to the Dear person who wrote this message Thank you, you made my day and YES, I am, already preparing for next year and call it CHRISTMAS WONDERLAND.

I Wish all our Neighbours a HAPPY NEW YEAR may it be one that all your dreams will be met.

Lyn Barnes

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Alicja from The Repair Shop - and more...

Good morning! For repair Jewelry box, small, but a lot of work
Have A nice day everyone

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Could the geat Polynesian migration turn kids on to science and tech

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Like many, Sir Ian Taylor learned only at the age of 68 about the Polynesian migrations across the Pacific Ocean. He hopes a new education website will inspire especially maori and pasifika kids they have innovation in their DNA. Did you know the stories? Read below:

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Discount on Food at Cafes and Restaurants?

Jo from Botany Downs

Hi all! My son has been working on an app with his team at a startup and I thought I'd share a bit about it briefly!

It's an app available for android and iphone and it allows you to get discounts and sweet deals at over 100 restaurants and cafes in Auckland!

All you have to do is take a photo of your food and upload it to instagram in order to claim the discount.

This way you are helping local businesses by sharing it to your friend and also get a discount! (you are the word of mouth for them)

Check it out here: www.evouchapp.com...