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Order Your Lions Christmas Fruit Cakes Online from Howick Lions Club. Free Local Delivery.

Paul Curtis from Howick Lions Club

Our famous Lions Christmas Cakes are still available to order online from our website: howicklions.org.nz...

All profits will go back into our local community. Cakes cost $20 each (1.2kg) and delivery is free of charge within the greater East Auckland area. These cakes also make a great gift for friends, family, staff and clients.

The Lions Christmas Cakes are still made to Ernest Adams' much-loved original recipe from 1971 and are not sold anywhere else.

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1 day ago

Wuhan Coronavirus

Chris from Sunnyhills

If you have travelled to Wuhan in China and aren’t feeling well, take this advice. Please call ahead to tell your doctor you have been to Wuhan so they can prepare.

Novel coronavirus
Coronaviruses are very common viruses found worldwide in humans and animals. They cause respiratory disease, including common colds. Coronaviruses, however, are also responsible for MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

.....N95 would not be needed outside medical institutions if there was no epidemic. “You can’t wear it on the streets or go to work anyway because it’s not easy to breathe with it.”

“A surgical mask is enough if people need enhanced protection in the community,” he said. “It can protect users from droplet transmission.”



13 hours ago

Looking for an air-conditioning tech

Lonelle from Bucklands Beach

Hi There

Does anyone know a reasonably priced, reliable air conditioning technician?

Air condition/heat pump model: LG

Thank you! 😊

15 hours ago

Embroidery thread

Safin from Pakuranga Heights

Anyone have dark blue threads. I need like heaps of them. Thought I'd ask just incase if anyone has any just sitting in the cupboard before I go spending 😥 please