50 days ago

Car break in

Pallavi from New Lynn

Hi our car got broken into on Friday night ...parked on Armstrong place off Parker ave, new Lynn ..the back window was smashed ...luckily only a gym bag got taken away with a few clothes and earphones ..however why I’m posting is to find out about if anyone else experiencing similar stuff in this area..as Armstrong place is a very quiet street , might just be a 100meter no exit road ..

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2 hours ago

Meet Fonzie, the Cockatoo who spent 20 hours upside-down

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, He's famous on Instagram, but Fonzie the Cockatoo has a new claim to fame, after getting such a fright he landed on a powerline, giving his owner a 20-hour ordeal while he hung upside down. Read the happy ending :

1 hour ago

Point Chevalier boats

Tania from Point Chevalier

Taken from the Point Chevalier sailing club three weeks ago

10 hours ago

buses & trains

John from Mount Albert

One thing to have social distancing on public transport . an another to run at full capacity .When there is none using it