38 days ago

Science Experiment Day at Blooming Buds Early Learning Centre

Reetu Passi from Blooming Buds Early Learning Centre

"What learning is happening" at Blooming Buds? Children are discovering the cause-and-effect relationships through science investigations as they experiment with art processes, explore ways to relate to other people, and practice new physical skills! Here are some of the activities they've done so far..

Volcano Eruption Process Learning - chemical reactions, mixing of colours, Eruption process

Ice Experiment Learning - Concept of sink and float by adding animals, big and small shells in the water, ice formation and melting process

Hatching Egg Learning - Curiosity, observation, before and after process

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6 hours ago

New group: Amila Perera - Mathematics and Physics Tutoring of all ages

Amila from Mount Albert

Hi there, if you're looking to learn mathematics nor physics, I am your rightful teacher. I graduated from Auckland University in Engineering with First Class Honours and have a lot of teaching experience. My current fee is $25 an hour. Hope to hear from you soon :)

Also can get in touch with me via email on - amila.h.perera2019 and I'll get back to you at my earliest convenience.

4 days ago

John Tamihere's transport policy - does it suit you?

Todd Niall Reporter from Western Leader

Mayoral candidate John Tamihere is proposing a very different transport network if elected, including scrapping the fuel tax and new park and rides in the west . Is that the answer? Read the story below.

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7 days ago

DISAPPOINTED!! community pantry trashed

Naylar Neighbourly Lead from Te Atatu South

Hi Neighbours,

We have put up a pantry to help those who may need some help with food from time to time and also give others the opportunity to share with the community.

But someone went and trashed it. Picture below is one of our children maintaining the pantry after they had made a beautiful sign for it.

We are teaching our children responsibility and it saddens them to see that their hard work has been trashed.

If you don't want anything fro the pantry thats OK. But please as a community could we keep an eye out for those who would want to trash a great initiative to help our community.

Thank you Kingdly,
Naylar Uisa