118 days ago

Free Brand New Russell Hobbs Stick Mixer Parts: Please take them!

Alexandra from Mount Albert

Hi everyone,
I am giving away some brand new Russell Hobbs 650 Watt Mixer Parts for free. They have never been used. This includes: beaker & lid, mini chopper stainless steel blade, mini chopper bowl & lid, and whisk attachment and drive. This would be excellent for someone who already has this product and wants extra/ back up bowls, blades, and beakers.
Please note that the main motor unit and Mixer shaft are NOT included in this give away.

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2 days ago

Will you be striking for better pay in Auckland?

Georgia Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Will you be taking to the streets in your community to strike for better pay? The nurses union has "strongly rejected" a DHB pay and conditions offer and is seeking urgent mediation. That means strikes scheduled for July could still go ahead.

Do you support the nurses' stance? What do you think of the latest pay offer? Let us know in the replies. Click here to read more. (If commenting, please add "NFP/not for print" if you do not want your images/comments used on Stuff).

4 hours ago

The Disabled Parking Issue !

Ian from Green Bay

This is my first Post I have labeled 'PUBLIC' - that's how strongly I fell about it !
I just had an idea to help with those idiots who use Disabled Parking without a permit.
Maybe in some areas the shops nearest the Parking could display a small sign advising of the Penalty $ of this Parking (won't help in Green Bay as Most are using the ASB money machine) But may work for the bookstore who's camera may cover that parking.
The fine for parking illegally in a disabled spot rose from $40 to $150 in 2009. Also parking on the Footpath or Yellow strips (next to the Disabled Parking)
Land Transport (Road user) Rule 2004 incur a $40 fine, including parking on footpaths. (pity this didn't raise to $150 for this spot)

2 hours ago

Is $91,000 for zero goats worth it?

Debrin Foxcroft Reporter from Western Leader

Council is spending a small fortune on hunting goats - but is $91,000 to catch zero goats really worth it?
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