121 days ago

The Trusts 2018 How are they doing?

Tracie from Te Atatu South

We've had a nice break over the summer but was just wondering how folk are feeling about the mighty Trusts these days? The million dollar giveaways are definitely better than the twitty torches and toolkits but is it enough? The harm that pokies do to a community is really starting to sink in as revealed in recent news items but of course the Trusts are still not on-board with it. I was pleasantly surprised with the décor/vibe at Good Home on Lincoln but the menu/wine list is pretty limited, they don't have a clue when it comes to hospitality so as long as you keep your expectations quite low should be all good. The staff do their best with what they have. I mostly do all alcohol shopping online nowadays but still find it ridiculous that supermarkets in West Auckland are not allowed to sell beer & wine. I still have major issues with the Trusts misleading advertising, they really should stop doing this. However, I have noticed a slight improvement in variety and pricing at the Trusts liquor stores, like I say, slight, nothing to get excited about. So, overall, what do we think? Apathetic? Resigned to it? All good? Everyone happy?

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1 day ago

Are people parking in mobility parks without a permit?

Hannah Ross Reporter from Western Leader

We've seen a lot of people lately getting frustrated at people parking in disabled parking spots without a mobility permit. Is this something that you've seen? Do you have a mobility permit and are unable to park in the assigned parks for you as they've been taken by people who don't have permits? Let us know if this is something you've had to deal with or been frustrated by.

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Cadbury Caramilk Lovers

Elizabeth from Avondale

Hi to anyone who loved the Cadbury Caramilk choclate that was made as a one off. A friend asked me to find some for her, and I found that Rays Dairy in Avondale, near the libarary on Rosebank Road has a stockpile of them. They are selling for $6.99 each, so I guess it depends on how much you like them.