392 days ago

The Trusts 2018 How are they doing?

Tracie from Te Atatu South

We've had a nice break over the summer but was just wondering how folk are feeling about the mighty Trusts these days? The million dollar giveaways are definitely better than the twitty torches and toolkits but is it enough? The harm that pokies do to a community is really starting to sink in as revealed in recent news items but of course the Trusts are still not on-board with it. I was pleasantly surprised with the décor/vibe at Good Home on Lincoln but the menu/wine list is pretty limited, they don't have a clue when it comes to hospitality so as long as you keep your expectations quite low should be all good. The staff do their best with what they have. I mostly do all alcohol shopping online nowadays but still find it ridiculous that supermarkets in West Auckland are not allowed to sell beer & wine. I still have major issues with the Trusts misleading advertising, they really should stop doing this. However, I have noticed a slight improvement in variety and pricing at the Trusts liquor stores, like I say, slight, nothing to get excited about. So, overall, what do we think? Apathetic? Resigned to it? All good? Everyone happy?

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2 days ago

THANK YOU PM-Jacinda Ardern for......

Brian from New Lynn

• Being an outstanding leader and a compassionate person
• Your timely responses to the tragic CHCH incidents
• Showing kindness, calmness and empathy
• Labelling the worst peacetime mass killing in NZ as terrorism
• Utterly rejecting and condemning the murderer
• Wearing a “hijab”-- black head scarf and embracing family members in grief, who had lost loved ones
• Swiftly announcing your government would change / tighten gun laws
• Telling President Trump to show “sympathy and love to all Muslim communities”.
- Your genuine and sincere thanks to the amazing work done by the Police, St John, First responders and all the other agencies involved with this unfortunate event.

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Marine pests prompt local hull cleaning rule rethink

Communications Team from Auckland Council

The Auckland public is being asked for their views on whether a more consistent regulatory framework is required to help stop the spread of marine pests across New Zealand’s four busiest boating regions.


1 day ago

Automatic residency for victims and families being considered

Brian from New Lynn

Immigration New Zealand has already said visa processing for the families of those killed or injured in Friday's attacks was being prioritised. Canterbury College international school in Christchurch, which lost staff member Haroon Mahmood in the shootings, backed a call by former immigration minister Tuariki Delamere for victims and their families to be given automatic residency. College director Sueanne Wong said: "We too call on the Government to initiate and declare this now. There has been enough suffering by these innocents without the anxiety of not knowing about their imminent future. To do otherwise would be cruel and negligent. "'They are us' has been universally accepted as true. We should make that official as soon as possible," she said in a statement. Lees-Galloway said the issue of automatic residency was being considered. "There are a number of matters that have been raised by these unprecedented events. We're turning our mind to all of these issues," he said today. Any decisions would be announced in the near future. Delamere, in an open letter to Lees-Galloway, suggested residency should be granted to all affected families which had already applied and it should be offered to those who had not yet done so. He and most New Zealanders believed the people killed in the attacks died as New Zealanders. "To not offer the victims' families the grant of residence will just give the murderer another reason to celebrate his evil," Delamere said. Many of the 50 people killed were foreign nationals with families here on temporary visas. Migrants from Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, India, Jordan, Saudi Arabia are believed to be among those killed, injured or missing.