27 days ago

Struggling to pay your Watercare bill

The Team from Water Utility Consumer Assistance Trust

The Water Utility Consumer Assistance Trust provides financial support to residential customers of Watercare Services Ltd who are struggling to manage their water and/or wastewater costs. It is a charitable trust that receives funding from Watercare. The Trust can assist home owners and tenants (as long as there is a debt to Watercare and not the property manager or landlord).

The Trust is able to assist by setting up a payment plan to cover ongoing monthly Watercare invoices (the payments are made direct to Watercare) and the Trust is able to write off some, or all of the debt. The Trust also provides information on ways to save water, how to carry out a leak test, and other water saving incentives.

We have a website where an application form can be downloaded (www.waterassistance.org.nz) , and also have a Facebook page (Water Utility Consumer Assistance Trust). An application form can be emailed or posted (email: info@waterassistance.org.nz or send message via Facebook)

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1 day ago

Should Auckland Council execs get ATHOP cards instead of carparks?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Auckland Council is looking to reduce the number of ratepayer funded carparks enjoyed by senior managers. It's down from 77 to 49. Is the council right to consider offering ATHOP cards instead? Read the story below:

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Cameras help cut red-light-running but thousands still do it

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Hi Neighbours, motorists running through red traffic lights create some of the highest death and injury risks. Auckland Transport's roll-out of cameras is making a difference, but do you think penalties are tough enough ? Read the story below:

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Long term 3 bedroom rental required

Andrea Neighbourly Lead from Eden Terrace

Hi neighbourly community, we are a family of four who require a long term rental around Balmoral, Mt Eden, Grafton, Parnell, Ponsonby, Grey lynn or Westmere. We are currently living in a two bedroom apartment in Eden Terrace and require a pet friendly property for a cat and small partially blind rescue dog. 🐕 We have a large 4 bedroom property on 6 acres in Waiau Pa near Clarks beach, which we had to leave to be closer to our children’s schooling. This property is available to rent, if you are interested please contact me. We need to move into a larger home 🏠 fairly soon 😁