39 days ago

Green-fingered Garden - Enthusiast/ Gardener Wanted Ponsonby

Francesca from Grey Lynn

Hello! I am looking for a wonderful green-fingered person to come and tent to a small courtyard garden in Ponsonby/Herne Bay area. Its a beautiful little European influenced courtyard that requires a bit of TLC about 2-4 hours per week (deadheading, fertilising, watering, and replanting and trips to the garden centre when necessary). Would suit somebody passionate about gardens after a small, and rewarding project. :)

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3 days ago

Poll: What do you think is the common reason Kiwis fail their driving test?

The team Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

There is one common reason that is accounting for one-quarter of all immediate failures of driving tests - out of the options below, what do you think is the common reason Kiwis don't pass the test? Vote in our poll.

Find out the answer here.

What do you think is the common reason Kiwis fail their driving test?
  • 16.5% Failing to giveway
    16.5% Complete
  • 19% Travelling above the speed limit
    19% Complete
  • 23% Not stopping at stop sign
    23% Complete
  • 41.5% Not checking blind spots/mirrors
    41.5% Complete
1009 votes
1 day ago

Public compost bins

Sandy from Auckland Central

Does anyone know if the compost bins mentioned in this article is for Public use? I miss the Compost bins at the corner of Wellesley and Mayoral Drive :-(


If not, anyone know of CBD bin locations?
Many thanks

12 hours ago

Collect a bag of rubbish - and you could win prizes!


Too often we think that picking up litter is someone else’s job - but collecting rubbish is such a simple way we can help our community, the environment and our own health and wellbeing.

This is why Resene is proud to sponsor the “Walk & Collect Weekend” on December 7 and 8. Take a walk over the weekend and collect a bag of rubbish in your community - it's simple but with a collective effort can make a big difference.

It's free to participate and there are prizes to be won - including a $200 Resene Gift Card! Simply head to their event page and register your interest.
Sign up here