66 days ago

Hit by Drunk Driver in Jervois Rd / West End Rd Roundabout

Kelly from Herne Bay

I was driving home last night and was hit by a drunk driver in the Jervois Road / West End Road roundabout. The driver had NO ID and NO Insurance. I called the police however was subsequently told I was not a priority even after stating multiple times that the driver was drunk and was trying to leave the scene. I have notified Nikki Kaye and will file a police complaint. However this guy claims to have a girlfriend living on Mason Road. Claims his name is Jack Wolfe, however there was no ID to verify. He was driving a dark blue Mercedes - the licence plate is below for reference. He ended up fleeing the scene.

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4 hours ago

How are you at recycling?

Kendall Hutt Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours. Our bad recycling habits have seen 32,300 tonnes of rubbish find its way into recycling bins. This then had to be diverted to landfill, costing us half a million dollars over the last two financial years. How are you at recycling? What rubbish items have you mistakenly thrown in the recycling bin?


4 days ago

Drivers should stay off the road during heavy fog - expert

Ripu Bhatia Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours! Drivers should stay off the roads to stay safe during heavy fog, an expert says. Do you feel safe driving through heavy fog?


8 hours ago

Poll: Do you feel safe on cycleways?

Melanie Earley Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours, a university professor has called for e-bikes to be regulated on the Northwestern cycleway after a head-on crash left him with a brain injury. Do you feel safe on cycleways around the city?

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Do you feel safe on cycleways?
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