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Poll: Do you think Lime scooters should return to Auckland streets?


It will be at least another 24 hours before Lime e-scooters will be allowed back on Auckland streets. But do you think they should return?

Hundreds of scooters were removed from the streets of Auckland and Dunedin on Friday due to safety concerns over a software glitch.

The glitch caused e-scooter wheels to randomly lock up, leaving some riders with broken bones and smashed faces after they were thrown off mid-ride.

Do you use them? Should Lime e-scooters return?

Do you think Lime scooters should return to Auckland streets?
  • 33.1% Yes - they are awesome
    33.1% Complete
  • 66.9% No - I don't think they are safe
    66.9% Complete
1379 votes
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13 hours ago

Girl 'indecently touched' by stranger on walk to school in Royal Oak

Elesha Gordon Reporter from Central Leader

Police are investigating and schools are on alert after a girl was allegedly "indecently touched" by a stranger while walking to school.

Auckland schools, Onehunga Primary School and Oranga Primary School, were told by Royal Oak Primary School's principal Linley Myers, the girl was allegedly assaulted on Monday morning.

Viki Holley, Onehunga Primary School principal, told parents "a student of one of our neighbouring schools was indecently touched by a stranger" on Trafalgar St, heading into Manukau Rd. Holley said the school advised families to speak to their children about staying safe on the way to and from school. Read more here.

15 hours ago

Poll: Is homelessness an issue in your area?

Stacey Reporter from Stuff

K Rd Chronicles, an eight part video series. focuses on homelessness in New Zealand's biggest city.

There’s plenty of desperation in the stories shared but there’s also, above all, a sense of tolerance and humanity. The series is hosted by a transgender journalist called Six, who was homeless for six years. We take to the streets of inner city Auckland and meet the people from Six’s world.

To read more click here

Is homelessness an issue in your area?
  • 19.1% I don’t notice it.
    19.1% Complete
  • 61.5% Yes, we need to do something about it.
    61.5% Complete
  • 19.4% Never had a problem.
    19.4% Complete
283 votes
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Winter is Coming… Time to Heat Up Your Facebook Ad Campaigns!

The Team from Easy Social Media

A compelling social media presence backed by precisely targeted ad campaigns is an asset year-round, but especially over the colder months when the temptation can be to wind back activity! ☃️ ☃️ #EasySocialMedia